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What agencies look for in designers and developers?

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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The lines between designer and developer are becoming ever more blurred with each be drawn into each others traditional battlegrounds. Knowing the basics about your counterpart skill sector will sit you in a great position for the future but for now I’ll go over the job opportunities and roles separately and what skills agencies are looking for respectively. 

job opportunities

Making yourself attractive to Web Design and Development agencies

The lines between designer and developer are becoming ever more blurred with each be drawn into each others traditional battlegrounds. Knowing the basics about your counterpart skill sector will sit you in a great position for the future but for now I’ll go over each job role separately and what skills agencies are looking for respectively.

job opportunities

What Are Agencies Looking For In Web Designers?

If you have ever been even remotely interested in a career in web design, you may have noticed there is a multitude of information out there. Web design has been in demand for decades yet the desire to find new web designers continues to grow. If you haven’t researched how much a web designer can make, you may be surprised some designers charge up to $75.00 per hour. This may seem like a lot of money to design a website and while this is not typical, it shows the potential in this field. Web designing is big business, and if you’re interested there are some things you should know. Here are a few positions top recruiting companies are posting in search of new web designers.

Job Opportunities – Front end web designers

front end web development ninja job ad

An ideal candidate for this position will possess skills related to web design and passionate about where the design field is heading. This position requires web designers to be skilled in Photoshop, illustrator and Indesign. Basic knowledge of PHP is required as well as experience with WordPress as a CMS. E-commerce experience is a plus with an emphasis on Volusion, Network Solutions Cart and Magento. To see a detailed description of this junior position as a front end designer take a look here.

Job Opportunities – Interactive Designer (web and mobile)

basketball game interactive design

This position calls for two years experience interactive media/web application design. Potential web designers for this agency must also be extremely goal oriented with an ability to work quickly to prototype concepts. Additionally this position requires strong communication and problem solving skills. Recruits are also expected to be proficient in Adobe CS suite. Designers should be team oriented, independent, innovative and accountable. This position for an Interactive Designer is located here.

Job Opportunities – Web Designer

web designing banner everything you need for your business

Booking.com has a position open for a web designer, seeking a qualified applicant with skills in web design as well as HTML and CSS. The position also requires knowledge of web standards for web development. The designer is expected to work with mockups and web pages and must have familiarity with browser quirks and workarounds as well as cross browser. This position requires expert mastery of cross browser front end technology. Applicants for this position as a web designer must have a passion and vision for their craft as well as a portfolio to back it all up. The link for this is located here.

What Do Recruiting Agencies Look For In Their Web Developers?

css code against faded laptop background

An agency looking for services completed by web designers,developers and graphic designers generally are looking for one thing in particular. As with any type of employment, the experience you posses is key to landing a good job. For web developers, that great job may come based on experience as well as some other key traits. If you are a web developer or considering becoming one, it’s critical to know what type of profession you are getting into. Equally important is to know what recruiting agencies are looking for in their search for professional developers. Here are some tips and job opportunities recruiters are posting when searching for new developers.

Job Opportunities – Web Developer

web development text against construction site

This position for a web developer posted by Metia.com is a great opportunity for a developer to work for a well grounded company with offices throughout the globe. Applicant’s are expected to possess a strong background in Core Web Development technologies as well as skills in ASP.NET (C#), HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, Jquery and OOP & SQL Server. Additionally applicants must have experience in Visual Studio .NET and TFS. Prior experience is required and communication skills are a must. Metia.com offers a comprehensive benefit package and the ability to telecommute. For more information on this opportunity please see this link.

Job Opportunities – PHP Software Developer

dedicated resource php developers

WebDam seeks an individual with 2 plus years experience with PHP, Linux, Mysql, JQuery, AJAX, Javascript, CSS. Applicants are responsible for design and implementation of new features. Strong skills in web design are required as well as the ability to work on extremely detailed projects. This company is looking for an individual who is willing to be a self starter and motivated about future technologies. For an in-depth look at this listing, responsibilities and company info, please see this link.

Job Opportunities – Acumen Web Application Developer VBNet

web application software icons against city skyline

Acumen is a health care service provider seeking an individual with skills as a web application developer. This position calls for someone who can write VB.Net HTML, Javascript,VBScript and SQL code for web applications. The company is seeking someone who can work with customers for requirements gathering and definition. Candidates will also be responsible for testing and deploying software as well as write software codes. For a detailed look at this position as a Web Application Developer please see this link.

These are just a few of the many positions available for Web Developers. While the skills on many positions may vary, candidates are expected to be goal oriented, work as a team member and posses the ability to progress within the company. For a directory of listings please see here.

What Are Agencies Looking For In Graphic Designers?

graphic designer at desk sketch outlineGraphic design demand in the UK are rising. Designers who are seeking jobs in the field have a multitude of options due to the influx in demand. This profession has allowed many designers to reach for the stars providing they have the skills to boast. Salary rates for graphic designers have risen as well as the demand has increased. So, if you are a graphic designer, agencies are looking for you! Below are some current listings of graphic design positions listed in the UK. Your skills are needed!

Job Opportunities – Senior Graphic Designer For Endemol Games

browsers flash vs html5

Endemol games is a company working on the cutting edge of Flash and HTML Flash gambling game development. This company is in need of a Senior designer to join the games department. Knowledge of 3d design is a necessary qualification as well as a working knowledge of HTML5 and web design. Applicant’s must also be versed in Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and a working knowledge of Action script 3. This is a great opportunity for a senior graphic designer who specializes in gaming software. Web design, HTML and CSS are required. For a look at this position see here.

Job Opportunities – Graphic Designer For Children’s Apparel

harley davidson baby apparel

This listing in the UK seeks a graphic designer for children’s apparel. Designer applicant’s are expected to be a creative individual specializing in skills like Photoshop and Illustrator. For this position designer’s are suggested to have experience in the field of designing children’s apparel or the like. This listing is perfect for junior graphic designers looking to further advance their careers. For an in depth look at this career opportunity see here.

Job Opportunities – Freelance Middleweight Designer

designer using mac laptop in field

The company “Purple” is seeking a individual to start immediately as a Freelance Middleweight Designer. This opportunity with Purple is a great move for anyone looking to join an innovative creative business focusing on design and art work. The successful candidate will have extensive experience in design and artwork and be passionate about the direction of the field. This position which focuses specifically on designing is open to qualified candidates. Note: Only successful candidates will be contacted. For information on this posting see here.

Pay and demand

In the UK as in other parts of the globe the demand for qualified graphic designers remains strong as ever. While these listings are current, the trend in the industries above continue to rise as do the demand for certain skill sets. Designer’s in all categories continue to be sought after as the increase in production continues. Pay rates for designers are competitive with scales rising based on skills. For the global industry, web design, development and the need for graphic designers does not appear to be slowing soon.

Web Jobs Thailand is the place to go to to find out about jobs across the Web and IT sector ranging from designers, developers to admin assistants. We highly recommend you post your resume as a great way to be discovered and let the recruiters come to you.

Why not learn online?

learning online

Learning online is a great way to build up your skill sets without the time commitment of accreditation courses or the expense and long duration of going to university.  Most of these sites cover not just web design and development topics however they all do have vast content of related video learning. Even if you try learning online as a way to dip your toes into a new software before the purchasing expense then you would be wise to head to Web Courses Bangkok for personlised training.


lynda.com online learning cs6

A fantastic library of online learning videos all taught by experts. The content is constantly being updated and I’ll let you into a little secret they have a habit of offering a you free trial extension if you try it out and and don’t subscribe straight away. So you’ve got nothing to loose and so much to gain. Courses range from simple word tutorials right through to advanced features in Autocad.

  • Great App
  • Very affordable
  • Over 2200 videos online
  • Premium members gain offline watching feature


psd online tutorials website

Specialising in Photoshop related articles and learning. Psdtuts is a great site to come and check out especially if there’s been a new release or software update. You can also find advice for apps, software tools and where to go for your font and stock images needs.

  • Photoshop tips from beginner to advanced users
  • Test yours Photoshop knowledge in session area
  • Large online community forum for advice


web courses bangkok youtube channel

There’s not much you won’t find videos of on youtube so it makes sense for it to be a great place to learn. For example searching for Ruby on Rails comes up with over 115,000 results so you have much to learn. Of course some of these videos may be unrelated, however one way that youtube really shines is how it constantly turns watching a one minute video into you loosing hours looking through all the suggested videos. It will give you some very odd suggestions and sometimes they can be quite comical.

  • Millions of users and submitter s covering millions of topics
  • You will get bad advice or possibly out of date advice
  • Most major software and even open source software have a youtube chanel full of advice

Check out the Web Courses Bangkok youtube channel for great tutorials.


job opportunities

Of course your first stop should be the Web Courses Bangkok Udemy video page. This site offers a very much course structured way to learn with you signing up to view complete courses usually after letting you view a preview video. Most of the videos come with supplied resources allowing you to quickly work along exactly with the course without having the problem of relating it to images or files you have.

  • Price is good but only if you plan on using this site predominantly
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Wide ranging topics of courses which all very logically categorized
  • View course ratings and how many students have done the course
  • Clear outlines for the courses to allow you to assess if it’s the right course for you
  • Beautiful ipad app with option to save courses for offline viewing

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Want to learn what to expect from a graphic design course at Web Courses Bangkok? Check out this article to read about the skills and knowledge you will gain from the logo and graphic design course.

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