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July Roundup: 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creatives & Savvy Users

Author: WC.Bear
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Struggling with too many design processes that take too much time to achieve your final visual product?

Searching through a ton of photography apps but none fits the bill? Or just started a business and want to utilise the best technology to help it grow?

We understand these pain points, and that’s why we always bring you a host of exceptional tech tools to help make your work endeavours easier.Whether you are a web designer, content writer, SEO, or startup owner, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with the recommendations on our monthly tech tool roundups.

Let’s dive in!



If you are still relying on Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Keynote, we suggest you check out Ludus, a smart presentation tool made for designers in mind.

No longer do you have to stick to those old school and outdated presentation slides because Ludus can blow the socks off your target audience by giving you the power to unleash your creativity in presentations.

Some of the features you can achieve in this tool include smart blocks, blend modes, smart resize, depth management, and lots more. You will also find Ludus to be thoughtful when it comes to sharing and third-party app integration. When you want to showcase your creative mind, Ludus is certainly the way to go!

Official site: ludus.one

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Screen Sharing In Slack

slack screen shot

Given the popularity of Slack, a new feature added in this app is certainly going to make a lot of teams happy on Slack.

Now, you can achieve high quality, high frame rate screen shares with just a few clicks to share your screen with your team mate and collaborate to get work done. Made as an extension of Slack’s native calling feature, you can enable screen sharing from a direct message or basically any channel.

Whether you want to share your latest design template, a Word document, or a chunk of code, Screen Sharing In Slack makes it easy for you to do so in style. Do note that this tool is only available for paid teams on Slack.

Official site: slackhq.com

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Automate That Shit

ATS screen shot

Well, if we could be so blunt… Automate That Shit is certainly what we have hoped in our dreams!

Brought to you by Automation Lab Solutions, this portal offers some free automated tools that can help with some menial work such as finding common words on two different documents, extracting email addresses from multiple URLs, or converting HTML tables into spreadsheets.

If done manually, this kind of work is not difficult to do but could take a ton of time to complete. Automate That Shit simply takes all the hassles away by giving you an automatic solution to these menial tasks. Automation Lab Solutions can also custom build automation tools for users so why not check them out today?

Official site: automatethatshit.com

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If you are going to launch a startup, one of the foremost tasks you have to do is to create a logo for your business.When you create a business logo, you have to think about color psychology, typography, and visuals as they can all work together to represent your branding.

With Logomak, the logo design process is brought to clarity. The website helps you to select logo colors based on the industry your business is in, recommends color schemes and also ideal fonts that you can consider.

We haven’t get to the best part though, the ingenious feature Logomak provides is to show you a variety of industry-specific logos from your fellow competitors so that you can draw inspiration from them and also know what to avoid.

This is a neat tool, though our only complaint is that if Logomak actually lets us conceptualize a real logo based on our selections, it will be a perfect logo maker tool for all.

Official site: logomak.com

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Don’t let the simple design of the website fool you, Themer is a great tool to help you personalize your Word Press Themes. Themer takes a set of colors and generates text editor themes, terminal themes, and desktop/device wallpapers.

Offical website: Themer.dev

Want to learn more about this handy tool? Visit the developer’s Github page!

Roadmap 2.0


Do you need a project management tool that prioritize communications between team members as well as with external clients?

Roadmap 2.0 is definitely a great tool to look into when you want to create feedback-driven products with the help of a collaborative team. Features include centralized feedback collection, backlog prioritization, public roadmap, and more.

This tool is also compatible with many third-party apps such as Intercom, Slack, and Github so teams building SaaS products will be easily impressed with what Roadmap 2.0 has to offer.

Official site: roadmap.space

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Start Up screen shot

New startup owners, here’s your chance to cut your research time and be even more productive in learning how to get your business soaring! With StartupResources.io, you get a glorious directory of startup resources which are all neatly categorized by topics such as Payment Solutions, Marketing, Leads, Analytics, Pre-Launch Traction, and many more. Each startup tool comes with a short description so that you can be better informed before using that tool. Startup owners should certainly spend some time looking through this curated collection today!

Official site: startupresources.io

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Especially for those who upload numerous images on their WordPress sites, Pixpie offers a great way to keep the image files small (without losing much of the resolutions when displayed on the web) so that your website pages can load faster. For on-page SEO, load speed plays a part in whether your target traffic stays on your site or not so yes, image optimization should be a big deal that you think about. What’s good about this WordPress plugin is that it allows up to 500 image compressions for free so you don’t even need to pay to enjoy this service that can keep your website running fast.

Official site: www.pixpie.co

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Font Fit


Have you built a website for your client based on their font preferences but want to show your client how much better it would look with another font?

Instead of building an extra page to show your client, simply use Font Fit to test out different fonts on the website so that your client can understand visually what you mean.

Font Fit is a really clever tool that allows you to navigate to any live website and change the font accordingly to see the font changes. It’s cool and badass – you got to try it now to see how it works!

Official site: www.fontfit.com

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Bear Screen Shot

Bear is an app made for the iOS platform which allows users to craft pretty notes as well as focused prose on the go. There are lots of rich features in this tool, such as an Advanced Markup Editor, Smart Data Recognition, Cross-Link Notes, Support for Images and Videos, and many more. You also get to choose from beautiful themes and typography so creating content, whether you are writing grocery notes or penning your thesis, takes place in a setting where you are motivated to write and has lots of writing features to enhance your content. Regardless of who you are, if you love to write or take notes, Bear is the smart writing app you should get!

Official site: www.bear-writer.com

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Wow, that’s ten tools in a swift swipe! As you can see, we have something for every designer, writer, startup owner, and creative professional out there in our May roundup.

If you have started using some of these tech tools, do share your feedback with us so that our readers can learn more from your usage experience.

See you in our next monthly roundup and remember to keep hacking off productivity till we meet again!

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