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June Roundup: 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creative & Savvy Users [ISSUE #5]

Author: WC.Bear
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If you have been following our monthly roundup of tech tools, you will know that there are lots of productivity hacks and invaluable apps out there for startup owners, photographers, web designers, creative writers, and more to utilize.

This month, we have yet again gathered ten hot tools that are trending online which you can use for creative projects and beyond. Say hello to productivity and bye to time wasted!

This month, we have yet again gathered ten hot tools that are trending online which you can use for creative projects and beyond. Say hello to productivity and bye to time wasted!

Kite Compositor


Kite Compositor

Have you undertaken the task to design the user interface for your app or website?

Well, you can use Kite Compositor to bring your designs to life in a heartbeat. You will be basically creating timeline animations and adding triggers to run those animations (via event, gestures, and more).

The cool thing about the tool is that it is pretty similar to After Effects where you are allowed to animate any element’s property that is in your mind.

Getting the hang of using Kite Compositor usually takes a short while, and you will be able to get more done within a shorter time frame in no time.
Official site: kiteapp.co
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Disney, Dropbox, Uber, Google, and Facebook – what do they have in common?

Well, one of their similarities is that their developers have used Framer to prototype the many features you are using today and have grown pretty fond of.

This awesome tech tool is suitable if you are familiar with JavaScript or a similar programming language. It allows you to prototype complex interactions and high fidelity animations for mobile and desktop apps in a single place.

This means you will get a live preview of your prototype and it updates itself instantly!

Official site: framer.com
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Grade Proof

If you identify as a modern creative professional, you should definitely consider leveraging AI capabilities to increase productivity and reduce errors in your work.

With that in mind, you should certainly get to know GradeProof if you want to write like a pro.

This is a stellar proofreading tool that can be used to refine and correct your writing. Not just another spelling and grammar checker, this tool also provides intelligent rephrasing suggestions that can make your copy more eloquent.

Try GradeProof today as it will give you that extra confidence you need when sending emails, preparing business documents, or writing for your online audience.
Official site: gradeproof.com
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If you are looking to get free icons for your graphic design, UI/UX design, or web design projects, look no further than IconStore.

Created by designers for designers, you will be able to browse through more than 8,000 free and premium icon packs. Thanks Cody House! Smilies, planet icons, Star Wars icons, food icons, work-related icons, celebration icons, and more – you can find them all here!

Official site: iconstore.co
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Pexel Videos

pexel videos

Stock photos, checked. Stock videos, not checked. Psst! Are you looking for free stock video footage? If so, we have got you covered. Check out

Stock videos, not checked. Psst! Are you looking for free stock video footage? If so, we have got you covered. Check out

Psst! Are you looking for free stock video footage? If so, we have got you covered. Check out Pexel Videos.

Pexel is the same brand that have gained popularity when they first started offering free stock images, and now they are offering completely free stock videos.

Whether you are looking for timelapse videos or nature videos, Pexel Videos has everything you need in a single portal.

What’s more, these videos are available in high-definition!

Another thing we love about Pexels is that the videos are free to use everywhere, and we can edit or customize them as per our requirements.

Official site: videos.pexels.com

Cassette for iOS

cassette design

When you are looking for ways to share or record user interviews, Cassette for iOS is the ideal tool for your needs.

Let’s say you are working with a team to develop an application, Cassette allows you to bookmark, transcribe, and record key moments in user interviews with minimal overheads.

Since you are getting real-time speech-to-text transcriptions, it is unlikely that you will miss important details.

Unlike communicating via a chat group where you need to scroll up endlessly to find quotes or notes in earlier messages, Cassette enables you to find what you need in an instant.

Official site: Cassette
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Free Stack

FreeStack is the productivity booster that you need these days.

Whether you are a web designer or web developer, visit FreeStack daily for the latest stock images, vectors, UI kits, mockups, textures, Chrome extensions, SEO help, sketch layouts, and fonts.

With the vast amount of resources available here, you might just be able to complete a particular design piece or project sooner than expected.

If you think you are able to help other like-minded developers and designers, feel free to submit your own freebies, i.e. design resources, general app development tips, and more to benefit the FreeStack community.

Official site: www.freestack.co.uk
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Animista is an excellent place to find a vast collection of pre-made CSS animations.

Started out as a small side project of Ana Travas, Animista provides an organized and accessible way to find reusable animations for your projects.

To determine whether the animations you find will be a good fit for your project, you can test and tweak them via an array of options, including duration, delay, easing, and more.

Once you think you are ready, simply copy or download the code, and you are good to go.

Check out Animista today and you will easily see what the buzz is all about!

Official site: animista.net
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Not a professional designer by day, but want to be like one when it comes to editing your photos and videos?

Try Fabby – your friendly neighborhood photo and video editing app for iOS.

Here’s how Fabby works: First, you shoot a video or snap a picture.

Next, you add a filter or change the background to something fancier. For instance, you can add a background blur so that it looks as though you are using an expensive camera.

Or you can add motion effects to your videos. For selfie lovers, you will also find Fabby to be a great photo and video editing app!

Official site: tunes.apple.com/us/app/fabby-photo-video-editor/id1147967413?mt=8

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The Stocks v2


Designers and creative professionals are constantly searching for new stock photo sources, and we are definitely saving the best for last.

Cue the drum roll please. We are proud to present The Stocks v2!

At The Stocks, you can find a wide spectrum of fonts, mockups, videos, icons, colors, and photos under one roof.

This site gets tens of thousands of visits each month and they are also regularly renewing their content. You can rest assured that you will find nothing that’s outdated here!

Official site: thestocks.im
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We hope you like the tech tool recommendations that we have made this April and we will be extremely excited to hear from you about how these tech applications have helped you tackle your work challenges or increase your productivity in your careers.

Do also show us some love by sharing this article with your industry colleagues so that we can keep making progress collectively in the creative industry!

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