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10 Best Websites To Help You Keep Learning About WordPress!

Author: WC.Bear
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Do you know how to fully make use of this CMS platform to build the ultimate website? Check out the websites below that will help you learn WordPress online. WordPress is widely recognized as one of the fastest growing CMS platforms available in the world today. This CMS gem is also largely associated with blogs as its core functionality is to provide an easy blogging experience.

Over the years, its functionality has significantly expanded, allowing the creation of more complex websites to become possible.

WordPress is certainly a content management system that’s extremely intuitive to use, thanks to its simplistic interface. How much do you actually know about WordPress?


Learn WordPress Online – WP Sessions

Website: http://www.wpsessions.com/

WP Sessions WordPress

To give you a head start in your search for stellar WordPress resources, it’s key to shine the spotlight on WP Sessions first.

WP Sessions is no doubt an awesome resource for learning about this CMS platform.

The approach it takes is pretty different from a lot of other sites as actual WordPress professionals partake in webinars here. So, you will be learning from live presentations.

Don’t worry if you have missed a session because each of them is recorded and will be added to the site’s growing library.

The website also provides lessons and resources on both beginner and highly advanced topics. Some of the topics include eCommerce for Site Owners, Security for Site Owners, WordPress and Backbone.js, and WordPress REST API.

Learn WordPress Online – Easy WP Guide

Website: http://www.easywpguide.com/

Easy WP Guide WordPress

It’s safe to say that you can treat this website as your online user manual for WordPress. Easy WP Guide is a great resource if you just need a quick reference and prefer reading as a means to learn WordPress online.

The contents found on the site are laid out in a very intuitive way that follows the navigation of WordPress.

While you can use their web format to look things up quickly online, you can also download a .pdf copy to serve as future references.

Today, you can find contents presented in versions that are compatible with mobile devices and tablets, such as the iPhone or even Amazon Kindle.

So, even when you are on the go, learning about WordPress is a piece of cake!

Learn WordPress Online – WPTuts+

Website: http://code.tutsplus.com/categories/wordpress

Envato Tuts WordPress

The Envato family of sites is widely known for its properties like CodeCanyon and Themeforest. Did you know that WP Tuts Plus is part of this family too?

Yes, it is. You can find a great number of tutorials here and they are extremely high quality and offer completely sound practice. Many learners, like yourself, have been impressed with the content in WP Tuts.

The tutorials are generally more focused than generic WordPress training. In addition, you will be able to find articles like “Using Gulp for Automating Your WordPress Development”, “The Beginner’s Guide to WooCommerce” and more.

Learn WordPress Online – Carrie Dils

Website: http://www.carriedils.com/

Carrie Dils WordPresss

Are you ready for some intermediate-level WordPress training? Be sure to check Carrie Dils! “Great! But who is Carrie Dils?” For starters, she is an independent Genesis Developer who designs great sites, builds attractive themes and maintains a tremendous stockpile of articles that can serve as guides that are rich in WordPress-related content.

Some of the lessons you will learn here include debugging and troubleshooting issues independently as well as making customizations to Genesis child themes.

Since the inception of Carrie Dils’ website, her site has quickly become a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to develop their first Genesis child theme.

Her podcast is also available on officehours.fm and is a great alternative to reading.

Learn WordPress Online – WordPress.tv

Website: http://www.wordpress.tv/

Wordpress TV

Quite a few people have heard about WordPress.tv, however, a whole lot more have not checked out this informative website. Never heard of it? Some of the greatest minds around the world who contribute to the WordPress community can be found here. Hence, it is also worthy to note that WordPress.tv is not only exclusive to topics on advanced engineering and development.

If you are planning to learn from here, you can treat the contents here like Ted Talks for WordPress products.

The number of videos in the site’s library continues to grow by the day, so you can expect more quality content to come.

Learn WordPress Online – Tom McFarlin

Website: https://www.tommcfarlin.com/

Tom McFarlin WordPress

If you are looking for WordPress development blogs, Tom McFarlin is one of the longest standing blogs that has stood the test of time. In this website, you will learn from Tom on how he makes his decisions while building things with WordPress.

Apart from the great insights he shares, you can see how well his code examples are thought out in his vast collection of WordPress development articles.

As Tom is a seasoned veteran in WordPress design and development, and you can expect him to be publishing content on a regular basis. That’s why it is highly recommended that you check back here often for the latest WordPress know-hows.

Learn WordPress Online – Smashing Magazine

Website: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/category/wordpress/

Smashing Magazine WordPress

Are you finding ways to stay up-to-date on new additions to WordPress? Look no further than Smashing Magazine. When it comes to open source technology such as WordPress, it’s natural for it to undergo regular changes.

It has to be updated to reflect newer ways of doing things. That’s why Smashing Magazine has also opened up an extended category, in fact, an entire section of its website to talk about WordPress.

This section covers a range of topics including themes, plugins, techniques and other essentials. The focus of the section is also on creating fast, smart, and clean websites for intermediate level WordPress users.

Learn WordPress Online – WP Square

Website: http://www.wpsquare.com/

learn wordpress online

WP Square is another stellar resource that’s worth checking out for WordPress tutorials, and even plugins and themes.

At WP Square, you can find browse through page after page of tutorials that provide in-depth instructions for performing all sorts of basic WordPress-related tasks.

From adding fonts, displaying social icons to adding custom backgrounds, you can be sure that the answers you seek can be found here.

Once you have become more familiar with WordPress, you can develop your own website pretty quickly as there is a good selection of free themes to choose from. Even custom ones are found here!

Learn WordPress Online – The Tao of WordPress

Website: https://www.wp-tao.com/

learn wordpress online

The Tao of WordPress is one of the most comprehensive and complete WordPress guides you will ever find when it comes to using the open source platform. In the 300-page guide, you will be able to read up on topics not only on WordPress itself but hosting too. With such in-depth information, you can be sure that creating a website exactly the way you want it to be is no longer a far-fetched dream.

Thanks to the clean layout, the text on The Tao of WordPress guides is extremely easy to read.

The website will ‘guide’ you through the entire process of creating beautiful sites.

If you’re interested and want to take your learning one step further, you might want to find out more about their 450-pages “WordPress Themes in Depth” book for more practical advice, tricks and tips for developing any theme!

Learn WordPress Online – iThemes

Website: https://www.ithemes.com/training/

learn wordpress online

Want to learn how to add different themes to your WordPress site? No worries. iThemes has got you covered. The website provides adequate training for experienced site developers and new developers alike.

For a reasonable fee, users will gain access to hundreds of hours of WordPress video training that will help take the guesswork out of customizing and creating WordPress websites; effectively making use of all features that you can find on a WordPress site.

As they always say, learning is a lifelong journey. Even if you think that you have a very good background understanding of WordPress today, there’s certainly always something new that you can learn about tomorrow. Explore some of these resource sites and keep learning about WordPress!

Learn WordPress Online – Manage WP

Website: https://managewp.org/

learn wordpress online
ManageWP is a place where you can manage multiple WordPress site from update themes & plugins, do site backups, run security, and more. You don’t need to run on every single update, just click on “Update everything” button, and it will does your work for you.

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