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MainWP vs. ManageWP – Who Wins at Being Managing King?

Author: WC.Bear
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mainwp vs managewp
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When it comes to managing clients, WordPress has various plugins available. Each of them has specific features and benefits provided to the users. However, it is important to know which one works best for you. Probably, you are one of many people who are wondering about the distinctions between MainWP vs ManageWP in increasing the amount of well managed clients.

MainWP vs ManageWP – Interface Comparison

There have been several features that overlap between these two competing products. But ManageWP and MainWP are both providing unique dashboard and interface from which the users can manage their WP blogs. Either of these services provides free trial to get started.

Feature Comparison

MainWP vs ManageWP

MainWP and ManageWP offer listing data verification. But when dealing with WordPress management features, take note that such features allow saving of time through simultaneous multiple weblog management from one dashboard only. Some of the features that both of these management WP offers are the following:

MainWP vs ManageWP

(Reference: mainwp.com/mainwp-vs-managewp/)

Various management services implemented new or additional features to give higher value to the users. At the same time, they aim to differentiate themselves from a pack.  Other features comparable to these management WordPress services are Google Analytics integration which are both present in these management services. In terms of SEO/Keyword tracking, only Managed WP contains this feature while Automatic Content/API integration is present in Main WP only.

There are also other special features present in MainWP and ManageWP such as uptime monitoring, custom client plugin branding, activity reports, code snippets, premium support, DB maintenance and optimization, and storages pace for files, images or plugins.

Take note that security features of management services play a crucial role in WP management. This is due to the reason that services got direct access to the WordPress blogs.

MainWP vs ManageWP – Feedback from Real Users

MainWP vs ManageWP

Some users have tried MainWP, however, it does not work seamlessly across their clients’ websites for backups. For this reason, they opt for ManageWP until they find an ideal option. For other users ManageWP has been a service and they do not have to host software. They only pay monthly depending on the number of sites they manage. On the other hand, MainWP got better interface. However, both of these services have free basic setup and are self-hosted with add-ons to be paid.

Backups will always be tricky since most users have been dependent on hosting of the websites that they back up. For several times, it has been tackled, yet, even the most reliable backup-specific plugins struggle whenever the server resources become lot while the website are big.

Oftentimes, ManageWP obtains backup accomplished with no incident. There are users who stated that they experienced certain issues. But at the end of the day, they decided which one works well. Many still love ManageWP, yet depending on the number of sites they have, the price gets expensive. Thus, they need to look for a cost effective alternative to manage things.

MainWP vs ManageWP

Manage WP has been a great management service for some. They also anticipate its new version which is packed with better features and benefits. Every user has his set of standards provided when it comes to finding the right WordPress service to increase the number of their managed clients. Basically, ManageWP got 32 out of 35 features while MainWP provides 28 out of the 35 featuures.

The only problem with these management services is that both of them do not offer edit WordPress settings. In addition, they both have WordPress backups + restore and save backups to Amazon S3. Users can also enjoy their Save backups to dropbox feature. Another benefit of ManageWP is that it has sae backups to Google Drive and Maintenance mode which are not present in MainWP. Users can also take advantage of website cloning feature. When it comes to price, ManageWP and MainWP has slight distinction depending on the package availed by the users.

MainWP vs ManageWP – Further Details

MainWP vs ManageWP

Many WordPress plugins got some options allowing them to test their services which are free of charge. It could be either through trial period, online demo or free basic version. Try to check if this particular offer is still available for MainWP and ManageWP. Doing so can help you directly compare both plugins and determine which of them works better in your situation.

On the other hand, Manage WP and Main WP are also compared with other management plugins or services. The truth is that there are also various management services designed with similar features with these two plugins. Some of them include InfiniteWP, iControlWP, GoWP, and iThemes Sync. They serve as the alternatives whenever users cannot figure out which of the two management services work well.

MainWP vs ManageWP – Distinguishing the Best

MainWP vs ManageWP

With their similarities and distinctions, there is no doubt that a user will find it quite confusing to choose which one is the best for him. The key is to look at each feature closely and distinguish the possible benefits that each can bring him. Another way is to consider the given information above and make it as a guide in making informed decisions.

By simply looking at its features, there is no doubt that ManageWP is far more useful and more beneficial compared to MainWP. Your money will be worth it when you try Manage WP for your clients. In fact, most users have been recommending this management service/plugin for real time success.

You do not have to try more plugins just to find the most ideal management service for you. You may also try both Manage WP and Main WP to ensure that you will never regret in the end. But if you are confident that ManageWP will give you exceptional service, then there is no doubt that it is the perfect option.

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