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Ways to Make Money as a Photographer

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Photographers have different conditions in form of income. If you are in the photography industry for more than a decade and already made your mark as one of the professionals, you tend to charge more to your clients suitable to your expertise and experiences. But if you are a starting photographer and want to make your way up to the top of the photography industry, you start with low talent fee and even put extra effort just to satisfy your clients and for the sake of building your own portfolio. Proving yourself in the photography industry is quite hard. You need to exert a lot of perseverance and creativity in your work. Earning a lot as a Photographer takes time as well. But as a starting photographer, there are some ways to make more money with all your capacity. Here are some tips on making money as a photographer.

Making Money As a Photographer – Sell your photos online

Photos Online

If you have a lot of free time, grab your camera and take creative shots by the park, malls, or other interesting places. There are plenty of websites that would help you sell your photos to specific people who are looking for great quality image with specific criteria. My advice for you is to take a photo of one particular type of image. People who are looking for photos mostly look for the same type of photo collection. Here are some great websites to sell your photos.

Design photo albums for special occasions

Most photographers only provide the photo files and printed images for the clients. Then, the clients will look for someone who can create them a photo album or a greeting card which consist of the photos the photographer took. Why not you as the photographer of the event create the photo album or greeting card for them? Just learn some few techniques in Photoshop and you’ll be good to go. It is more efficient for the client to work with one person and mostly beneficial for you as a photographer in terms of making more money.

Making Money As a Photographer – Teach Photography

Teach Photography

making money as a photographer

If you think you are capable enough to teach what you know about Photography, then start advertising yourself online and get students to teach. You can tell your friends, classmates, and even post a poster at local markets or malls (with management approval, of course). You could sit down with your student and teach them the rules and how photography works. Then, take them out at some public place for a practical application of what you taught them.

Join a community of Photographers

making money as a photographer

making money as a photographer

As a photographer, it is better if you know more people who have the same passion and interest as you. You can take advices from the veterans and give advice to new photographers. Some photographers go to a photo shoot as a group. If you are having trouble as an individual freelancer, joining a group would work fine for you. One of the cons of being in a group is a divided income. But as I say, if you are having trouble to find clients, a divided income is not bad.

Making Money As a Photographer – Do more freelancing

making money as a photographer

If you really want to make more money as a photographer, do more freelancing. Contact your former clients and ask them to suggest you to their friends. And also, one thing that satisfies a certified photographer is being in the field of photography. It’s exhausting at times but it fulfills the photographer’s passion for his work. If you really wanted to work on your own and have sufficient clients, build your own website and market it through social networking sites. Freelancing could take more effort and work but you can earn more financially and you can gather experiences and expertise from it.

Learn Photography in Bangkok

If you reside in Bangkok and you wanted to learn photography, check out these courses at Web Courses Bangkok and learn more about Photography Essentials and Lightroom Workshop. You can also check out the One Day Photography Course that will help you become the best photographer that you can be.

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