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At Web Courses Bangkok, we have tried and tested these apps for you! We have put in the hours on your behalf and selected a compilation of the top 10 apps and tools for startups, creatives and savvy users, saving you time and the frustration of doing it yourself.

The 10 tools we have selected for this month are as follows:


automate that s***

Finding Automate-that-shit was like finding the ultimate secretary, without having to pay the full salary of a professional.

Running a businesses can be hard enough without having to follow up on medial tasks that should require standard responses and reactions. These “little” tasks can pile up, when you’re running a business for yourself. Eventually, this pile up turns into a mountain of “little things” and you end up getting nothing done!

A team of developers have come together to create Automate-that-shit (ATS). This nifty web app helps to reduce the “human-time” spent on shallow work, that could be handled my machines.

ATS creates functionality to allow scheduling/triggering of tools. These tools could do anything, from capturing data and screenshots to exporting online HTML tables onto excel spreadsheets.

With this application working for your business, you can spend more time on the things that really matter!

Screen Focus

screen focus

Designers and developers are often found working on multiple screens. Students, at Web Courses Bangkok,
are no different and often take some time getting used to the wider workspace.

The added distractions of the screens not in use can elongate production time and cause a loss of focus. Screen Focus removes these distractions by dimming the screens not in use, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

When the additional screens are needed, a simple move of your cursor, over the screen, will brighten it up again. Once the cursor is moved away, the screen will dim again. This allows you to utilize the additional workspace, completing tasks more efficiently, without the added distractions.



There is no shortage of apps out there that allow for note taking. If you are managing a body of staff, attending meetings or even just recording your thoughts, it is important that you find one that works for you.

What sets Papier apart from the ocean of other apps is the simple design, its great accessibility and its added style.

While other note taking apps are crowded with unnecessary features, Papier allows you to focus more by only including the features that matter. Export your notes for PDF or Print, count characters and even sync or backup directly to Chrome.

Papiers’ Chrome integration means that you can access your notes at the touch of a button. Simply open your Chrome extension and edit your notes from any meeting, phone call or brain-storming session. Never scratch around for loose papers again!

Fiverr Elevate


Starting as a freelancer is not as easy as just putting your services out there. You need to know how to file your taxes, get health care coverage, plan for retirement and learn how you can start your brand from scratch. Fiverr Elevate offers a crash course in the basics of freelancing to those new to freelancing startups.

Taking information from experts in the fields of legal, financial and business sectors, Fiverr Elevate offers step-by-step tutorials to provide freelancers with the guidance they need. Simply take your pick from the selection of videos, all 5 minutes or less, and take advantage of the actionable tips and advice.

Built with the interests of freelancers in mind, Fiverr Elevate will help you build a successful freelancing career, at an affordable rate, and work smarter to be the best independent professional you can be.



In an age where good SEO is the cornerstone of a good online presence, it is imperative that your website is optimized for a faster loading time. An optimized web performance will enhance your user experience as well as help you rank higher on the Google search engine. For startups, getting found is what is going to take your business to the next level.

Treo will help you drive more sales by combining the power of visualization with modern tooling. Powered by Google’s Lighthouse, it helps you build a faster website, keeping records of performance from hourly audits and giving you access to a full history.

With a user friendly dashboard and email notifications, Treo will alert you to any recession of your page’s performance. This will allow you to solve any issues, before they damage your overall performance.

Kick Resume

kick resume

When job hunting, one can only imagine the sea of resumes that an employer must be receiving for an advertised position. With each new applicant adding to your competition and affecting your chances of consideration, it is that much more important to make your resume stand out above the others.

Kick Resume allows you to choose from over 50 resume templates, to create a standout resume that recruiters will love. Combined with their cover letter, website and job advisor tools, Kick Resume is just what you need to get ahead and score your dream job.

The user friendly system allows you to customize colours, fonts and formats. With an easy tutorial, you can have a personalized resume within minutes! The best part is, you don’t have to be a professional designer to use this platform. As long as you know to navigate a simple website, Kick Resume could be just what you need to highlight your skills and potential, in an eye-catching way.


coupon follow

Online shopping has fast become a regular practice, in today’s age. Tech savy people, like you, are now able to find just about anything you need, without leaving the comfort of home. With millions of online stores at your disposal, an added discount makes it that much easier to feel like you have made a smart purchase.

Whether you are shopping for business-related products or ordering a pizza online, Coupons-at-checkout can save you money on thousands of online stores. You no longer need to waste valuable time, searching the internet for these discount codes.

Focused on being quick, simple and lightweight, Coupons-at-checkout automatically finds coupon codes during online checkout and applies the best ones to your purchase. Its easy Chrome installation  means that it is ready for use whenever you are ready to purchase.


Being a student can put you in a tight spot, financially. In between the full time study, many do manage to fit in a part time job, but students will always be counting the little pennies they do have.

Eggsecution recognizes the student struggle and offers massive student discounts on various tech products. Discounts range from free access to platforms and apps, such as Zeplin and Figma, to massive discounts on others, such as 85% off Slack memberships. App and web development students can even take advantage of a Github Developer Pack bundle.

With the price of student living as high as it is, you can’t afford NOT to have Eggsecution.

Pocket Listen

pocket listen

Time can run away with you, when you’re running a business. While the Pocket App gives us the luxury of saving interesting articles to read, when we have the time, the time does not always present itself. Imagine how much easier it would be if these articles came in audio form? Well, now they do!

Pocket Listen offers a AI text to speech function that allows you to catch up on your saved pocket articles, whenever you have an ear to lend. This could be while you are sitting in traffic, while you are cooking a meal or even while catching up on your emails.

Now offered on Android and iOS operating systems, catching up on your saved reading has never been so easy.

If you have tried any of the above applications, feel free to let us know your thoughts so our readers can learn from your experience. We would love to hear your feedback on this month’s 10 tech tools for start-ups, creatives and savvy users.

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