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May Roundup: 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creatives & Savvy Users [ISSUE #4]

Author: WC.Bear
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tech tools every pixel

Whether you are a blogger looking for an appropriate image to accompany your post or a new startup trying to advertise your products and services with catchy pictures, there are times where you need to make use of high resolution images, both paid and free stock.

Everypixel helps you search for the most ideal image in AI powered manner by searching across 50 free and microstock sites.

Working just like Google Images (the only difference being Everypixel searches only for licensable images), you can even compare the prices between paid stock images.

What we love is the powerful search bar allows you to search many different types of attributes such as image orientation, colors, size, and more.

If you want to save the hassle and search for images to use in a smart way, well – you have been introduced to Everypixel already!

Official site: everypixel.com

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tech tools millanote

There are many note-taking apps on the market (Hello, Evernote!), and before you tell us “Not another one?” – you need to give Milanote a chance because it’s well worth your time.

This is a notes app made for creatives in mind, and allows for team collaboration to generate your next creative idea.

Its interface is different from other note-taking apps; users get infinite space to add on to their idea, whether it’s generating more mind maps or adding research notes.

We all know that creativity does not follow a linear process, so why should note-taking be restricted to words in paragraphs? Try Milanote for yourself and see just how interactive and tactile the entire process is.

We cannot guarantee that you will create the next world-changing, earth-shattering idea on Milanote but one thing is certain – you will have lots of fun while putting your creativity to work in an organized manner!

Official site: www.milanote.com

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tech tools glitch

If we told you that you don’t even have to be an app developer to develop your very first web app, would you believe it? Well, you better do because there’s Glitch!

This platform lets you tap on working example apps where you can mix and match to develop your own app. You can also depend on Glitch to host and deploy your app.

For app developers who want to make work easier, you can also make use of the code editor on Glitch to modify coding fast.

Right now, Glitch is free so why not try your hands at creating a web app today?

Official site: glitch.com

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tech tools anding.jobs

Looking for your next tech job? You might very well land your next lucrative career at Landing.jobs, a job-hunting portal that only advertises curated tech job positions.

For job seekers, you will be able to find some of the best-in-class offers from well-known tech companies on this European tech recruitment marketplace, while tech employers can depend on Landing.jobs to attract tech talents to their respective organizations.

Whether you are a product manager, web developer, or UI/UX designer, check out this platform and see the curated list of job offers that might change your life today!

Official site: landing.jobs

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tech tools throttle

If you are a savvy user online today, then chances are that you also have tons of emails per day. We don’t know about you, but one of our team members received 231 emails on a particular day last month.

Imagine all the time you have to take to clear that amount of emails! That’s why Throttle came up with the concept of helping you control who you give your email address to, especially when it comes to email subscriptions you want to follow but don’t want to crowd your inbox.

Throttle is a browser extension that you can install for free, and it will have a button where you can click when you are needed to fill in email forms online.

What happens is that Throttle optimizes your inbox by organizing those email addresses into a daily digest that are mailing your Throttle-generated email address.

You can then choose to view those emails without them cluttering your inbox, which can be reserved for people you give your actual email address to.

This can have the potential to save you over 70 hours when it comes to your emails per month!

Official site: throttlehq.com

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tech tools emblem

If you are starting a new startup, you may be thinking of hiring a branding company to help you design your logo and business image.

Before you splurge that sum of money, why not check out Emblem that can help you create a truly unique brand in mere minutes?

Don’t mistake Emblem as just another logo maker – from the colors of your logo to the typography to the texture of your branding elements, you can develop an entire brand package with Emblem.

The next time you are using Emblem, you will be laughing at those companies that are hiring those expensive branding agencies who are paying for what you can achieve on your own!

Official site: builtbyemblem.com

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Lottie by Airbnb

tech tools lottie

Airbnb is a popular crowdsourcing platform for finding travel accommodations so when they launched this open-source design tool, they had everyone stunned.

But what happened next was that raving reviews poured in from tons of users because Lottie by Airbnb is simply ingenious for adding animations to any native app in a swift and easy manner.

For app developers, this tool is a must-explore if you want to render animations for iOS, Android, and React Native apps.

Official site: airbnb.design/lottie

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tech tools git book

If you are a technical writer looking for an easier way to write and publish your book digitally, or a developer who wants to write documentation for open source projects, why not check out GitBook?

This is a great tool for writing digital books, and users can make use of the powerful web/desktop editor in Gitbook to collaborate as a team to write.

Because of the modern version control feature, you will never have to worry about losing any of your written data.

Whether you are thinking of writing your next FAQ knowledge base, APL documentation, or manual for your business product, GitBook will make your life really easy with all its technical book creation features.

Official site: www.gitbook.com



tech tools logo joy

Trying to design a new logo for your class T-shirt? Or making a new logo to revamp your entire business image? With Logojoy, you can literally jump for joy now!

With more than 1.6 million logos made to date, you should definitely find out what’s the buzz about this online logo maker, which uses AI algorithms into helping users create better logos.

It’s a smart way of creating logos that have all bases covered – from choosing a logo inspiration to browsing custom-created logo templates to viewing real-life mockups to checking possible variations.

Try Logojoy today, and it’s more likely than not that you would love what you see there!

Official site: www.logojoy.com

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Web Gradients

tech tools itmeo

Graphic designers, web designers, and web developers out there, do you want an awe-inspiring background gradients solution to your work?

Check out Web Gradients, a curated list of 180 linear gradients that can be used as content backdrop conveniently via a one-click action.

You will also find that finding new color palettes is made easier when you seek inspiration from Web Gradients. The gradients come in PNG, Sketch, PSD, and CSS formats so it’s really helpful.

Designers who don’t code will definitely say “Thank you” for saving their time when explaining colors to their programmers!

Official site: webgradients.com

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So, we have come to the end of our May party where we have just celebrated the ingenuity of ten tech tools that can give a helping hand to startups, creatives, and savvy users in all parts of the world.

If you have used any of the tools mentioned earlier, do drop us a line to tell us your experience as an user so that we can all learn from you.

For those who want to applaud our efforts in bringing you the best productivity hacks every month, do share our post and let more people know about these tech tools. See you in our June monthly roundup, folks!

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