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Which is the best Mockup Generator to make your designs look amazing?

Author: Robbie Banks
Robert is a enthusiastic copywriter & web developer. His work is focused on UI/UX design and copywriting useful actionable content.
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Mockup Generators are a useful tool to help you create stunning & high resolution screenshots of templates & images. They can be used by professionals or business owners to create high quality images, and is  a fast efficient way to produce professional images.

If you do not have time or know how to use Photoshop, mockup generators offer a perfect way to show your design work. Integrating mockups into Websites or using them for marketing purposes is great to add the professional, personalized touch.

In this article i will be reviewing different mockup generators and which ones I have found useful as a tool for web design & using them on my portfolio.

Whether it is customizing IMac screens to Iphones, Backgrounds, Apparel or even Business cards.

Mockup generators are a fast and often free way to get customized content easily.


Smartmockups does a really good job of making a simple website which has ease of use at core. There are a lot of features that you can utilize, you can; use video instead of an image, animated GIF’s & integrate it with other programmes such as Photoshop.


There is so many different mockups to choose from on this site, the gift bag above could be a used as a marketing strategy to promote your office/business about you.


Mockuper.net is a great generator as it is so simple & fast to use. Within minutes I choose a template, uploaded a photo and saved a customized image. You can also save the image in many different sizes free. ( which is not too common)

One downside to the this site is the limited range of templates, but nonetheless it still has all the major electronic and print based mockups.


There are some good designs on this website but i just didn’t feel that the quality was as good as some of the other generators. The speed of creating a mockup using the’ Mockuper’ site is it’s probably best quality as it has a very limited range of customisation tools, apart from shadow feature. (which isn’t that impressive)


Mockupworld is a relatively old looking website & the process of having to use other programs  makes it one of the slowest sites to create a mockup. However it has one of most amount features available for customization of the websites in this list and yet there is so much free customizable content on this site.


One downside is that you have to be competent with using  Photoshop. To edit the mockup you just need to download the PSD and open with Photoshop. From there you can just open the layers and start editing.

The benefit of doing a mockup with photoshop is opens the door to really customizing your mockup and adding those cool filters, gradients or cropping it anyway it suits best.

This is one of my favourite site out of this list because, you can produce far superior mockups & customise so many different things. As a professional this is what i would use, and so much is free.


Magicmockups is very easy to navigate and is simple to customize. They do have a pretty small range of templates but within a minute I had uploaded an image and downloaded the finished mockup.


The template designs generally are of average quality and could add could offer a whole lot more templates then they do & more features to make the image more customizable.

The biggest downside to this site is there is none  ‘Yes’ no customisable features in this mockup generator. But it does offer downloads in different image size and it’s fast.


Mockupjar has a large range of templates to choose from, especially apparel templates.

I would use this site if i wanted to produce a mockup for clothing as it has a good range of clothing templates.


This site is easy to navigate and even offers a online chat to help with any queries. One downside is that lack of features offered as they a pretty minimal, one benefit is that you can download the finished mockup in multiple revolution and sizes.

Like most of the other sites copyright & attribution are not needed to use your mockup on your website.

Mockup Generators role in creating awesome designs.

In conclusion to this article, I have gone from never using a mockup generator before and having to slave away on Photoshop for hours to create designs. I have definitely now been converted to using mockup generators for my portfolio website and future sites I build in the future.

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The speed, ease of use & quality of these designs would definitely make me use them as it would dramatically increase my workflow. As we all know increased workflow increases means more production. (more money)

For those who are in the know about Photoshop you may feel that you are being ‘more’ professional by creating all your content using photoshop. But truth be told that mockup generators look as professional as anything i’ve created in Photoshop, and you can utilise both by downloading a PSD.

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