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Nailed it / Failed it – Travel Websites

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Nailed it / Failed it is a periodical blog of website reviews that’s being created at WCB. Not only will these blog posts bring you the latest in innovative and creative design but it will also show you some examples of what not to do.  Second topic is regarding Travel websites. Nailed it Failed it Logo   Travel, it’s a term that covers a vast quantity of sub categories, the trip, the stay and everything in between it.  This gargantuan platform allows me to really be picky and selective over the pages that will make up this list of design creations with various levels of successes. From the giant at multimillion dollar on line travel agencies to small businesses, the internet provides a level field of play. An open window for innovation to take flight.  A blank canvas for depicting your business in the most creative, original and appealing way possible. Naturally obtaining the balance to please all the masses is an everlasting quest as trends and fashions change.


Note: as is known websites are constantly changing an evolving, therefor I have displayed screen shots of each site. The screen shots are also live links to each specific site. But as you may find as time passes the sites will change, this is a significant point.

Nailed it!


This site is a stunning creation with a sleek and stylish design. It’s a show case inviting people to discover this wonderful community.

Ni&Fi - WCB - learnlakenona_com


This web site is diffident, it’s a fresh idea that’s well executed. Its a great showcase for simple design innovation.

 Ni&Fi - WCB - ljetovanjerab_com_en


This site is a mother and daughter collaboration of travel photography. Aside from the beautifully complex photography, this web site screams at me : “GO TRAVEL!” and that makes a good efficient design.

- www_cookiesound_com


It may be Flash, but heck, it’s a great design.

- www_intobrazil_net


tidy and modern lay out this site reflects it’s bushiness nicely.

- www_littlepalmisland_com


This website is for a small town in Serbia.  It’s just cute.

- www_vojackazvona_rs


This Puerto Rican boutique hotel has gone all out. They have a well layered site and the call to actions are clear.

7- www_elconvento_com__donotdisplayagain=1

Failed it!

These site, are in my option a joke without a punch line. Poorly designed and executed with a clear disregard for the end user experience. I could say try again, but in most cases, there was no trying to start off with.



Clutted and over burdend with babble.

Fail - www_caravanparks_com


the little amount of design this site has, well frankly it could even do with out that.

Fail www_euromost_info   Feel free to add in any additional insight or controversies you may have in the comments.

Whats next?

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