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October Roundup – 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creatives & Savvy Users

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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It’s SHOCKtober this month and guess what, we have shockingly good tech tools for you right here! This issue of our monthly roundups is a must-read because it contains top resources that can benefit a wide variety of users, from app designers to content writers to UI designers and much more. Let’s get started and discover some of the best tech tools out there which can make your work lives easier!

Pixabay 2.0

If you have been following our monthly roundups, you would have noticed that we feature quite many free stock photography resources. This is because we understand that free stock images can serve a wide spectrum of applications; meaning that they can benefit lots of you out there. Pixabay 2.0 is one of my newest muses when it comes to finding free stock photos.

With nearly 800,000 free stock images ready to be discovered, you can find high quality visual resources to use without needing to attribute them. Users are allowed to upload their own images but the images will undergo stringent approval procedures to make sure that the community will enjoy the best free stock photos.

Honestly, there are many other free stock imagery websites out there but Pixabay is a star in its own league. Check it out today; you won’t regret it!


Official site: pixabay.com
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App Launch Checklist

When you want to launch an app, whether it’s for personal interest or commercial needs, you would have to expect that it’s going to be a tedious process, or as they say, “a work of art.” This helpful tech tool brings you a checklist where you can build to help you through stage such as tech prep, marketing prep, pre-launch, launch day, and post-launch.

With App Launch Checklist, your entire planning to execution process is taken care of. It’s like a compass you can use to bring you through a successful app launch, what’s there not to like?

developer branch website

Official site: branch.io/resources/app-launch-checklist
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Many businesses know just how important it is to keep their target audience engaged with the help of newsletters. However, creating a newsletter can be a cumbersome process and you have to engage an external marketing company to put together the newsletter for you.

Revue takes all the difficulties out of authoring and distributing newsletters – in fact, if you are web savvy, you can send out a newsletter within the time frame of heating up a pizza! There’s a free version of Revue for you to use with a maximum cap of 200 subscribers. If you have a larger readership base, then you have to explore their paid plans, which by the way, are pretty affordable.

Getrevue website

Official site: www.getrevue.co
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Ready to take on the world with your new startup? Well, before you do that, why not give Slacklist a look first? This website brings you a curated collection of business apps and tools that you can use to grow your startup.

Every recommended tool featured on Stacklist comes with a description, pricing page, user statistics as well as reviews so that you can form a good concept of whether that particular tool should be utilized for your business. All things considered, Stacklist is a friendly helper to grow your business smartly!

stacklist website

Official site: www.stacklist.com
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Resume Samples

If you are hunting for your next job, one of the key areas that you have to be prepared with is a stunning resume that will prevent potential employers to say “no” to your application. The best way to know that you have an A-star resume is to learn from the best and emulate them.

With Resume Samples, you have access to over 8,800 resume samples that you can study so that you can craft the perfect one for yourself. One of the highlights of this resource is that you are able to search for resume samples by career niche, so this makes it really easy for you to find the best and relevant samples to utilize.

Visual CV website

Official site: www.visualcv.com/resume-samples
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Hardbound – Stories for Curious Minds

Endorsed by Ev Williams, Founder of Medium and Twitter, Hardbound is a great resource for those who want to discover about the world. For content writers who have to write about so many different things under the sun and are always looking for inspiration, Hardbound is a worthy tool to explore during your free time.

What’s really special about Hardbound is the way that the stories are presented to you – they come in a dynamic storytelling format which helps you to understand difficult concepts in a simple manner. Simply join their mailing list and you will get stories in your inbox every Thursday!

Hardbound website
Official site: www.hardbound.co
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UI Garage

Are you an UI designer who want to make your life easier when you are trying to design pages that deliver the best impact for user experience? With UI Garage, you can benefit from thousands of patterns developed for both the web and mobile platforms.

There are lots of categories that you can search through, from “Ask Permission” to “Content Screen” to “Dropdown” and much more. Whether you are an UI guru or a budding UI designer, it’s time to seek your inspirations from UI Garage today!

UI garage website
Official site: uigarage.net
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Pocket Explore

Today, there are more than 22 million users who are utilizing Pocket, a tool that you can use to save videos, articles, and anything in the web for viewing later. In fact, there are more than 3 billion saves made by their users to date. The guys at Pocket has gone one step further and pushed out Pocket Explore – where you can navigate searches by a theme.

For example, if you want to see all the searches (and know the trending searches), all you have to do is to type “food” in Pocket Explore. This is not just a personal productivity tool; just imagine the wide applications you can get out of Pocket Explore.

If you are a food writer, all you have to do is to utilize Pocket Explore to find trending articles that you can link to in your own content. If you are a food business owner, you will be able to keep up with developing news and information that can help you grow your business further. Need we say more? Try Pocket Explore today!

Pocket explore

Official site: www.getpocket.com/explore/
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Are you one of those who hate to see lots of tabs open in your browser? Well, with OneTab, you get a simple solution to contain all your tabs into a single list. Not only do you get to enjoy a clean view on your browser, it is also easy to restore your tabs all at once.

The benefits of OneTab are not only built on aesthetical principles; do you know that by preventing multiple tabs in your browser, you are also helping it to work faster by reducing the CPU load. Try it today and get organized, folks!


Official site: www.one-tab.com
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Start A Fire

This is a really helpful tool for those working in link building niches such as outreach marketers, content writers, and more. Start A Fire helps to address challenges that have become major pain points on the social web. It works in a simple way – every time you share a link, your own branded content will be shown as content suggestions.

You will also be able to integrate Start A Fire with your existing newsletter and social media management tools, such as Hootsuite and HubSpot. Another outstanding feature is, it provides analytics for your shares so you know how many people have read it. As well as how many of them are also navigating to read your branded content. It’s time to start a fire today with this tool, and heat up your traffic!

Startafire website

Official site: www.startafire.com
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Well, we certainly lived up to our promise at the start of this post, didn’t we? We say that we will share truly helpful tools that can make your work lives easier. And some of the resources mentioned in this roundup look set to achieve widespread reach in no time – no shocks right there!

As always, we appreciate your time in joining us for our monthly roundups. And we hope that you can also take the time to share this post with your social circle. You’ll never know whose lives you are helping to make easier with your precious shares. See you in November, folks!

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