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7 Online Logo Generators to Create a Logo for Your Website

Author: WC.Bear
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Visibility is essential to the success of any website. While this is most often thought of in terms such as search engine optimization, social media presence, and the like, it also encompasses brand visibility. One of the most effective ways to increase the brand visibility of your website is to create a captivating logo for it.

Online logo generators make it easy to create a logo specific to your site. They suggest a few unique logos based on answers to some questions, and then you can customize any of the suggestions to your liking. The entire process is simple and easy, and you can be as detailed as you like.

It’s also affordable to create a website logo with one of these online logo generators. They don’t cost anywhere near what most graphic designers would charge.

If you have a website that needs a logo, these are the seven best online logo generators to use.

Tailor Brands Logo Generator

screenshot of tailor brands website

Tailor Brands uses artificial intelligence to create relevant and one-of-a-kind logos. The AI bases its suggestions on several questions that you answer, including industry, elements, and font preferences. The font choices allow you to easily match your website’s design.

The suggested logos aren’t from templates, but instead are created by the AI and therefore unique to your answers. You can further customize any so that they perfectly match your site’s color scheme.

You can download a free logo file once you’ve finalized your design, and the free file may be suitable for your website (especially if you’re just starting the site). If you have other assets to use logos on and/or expect to grow beyond one site, other file types are downloadable for anywhere from $3.99 to $12.99 per month. The vector files can be resized for any dimension.

BrandCrowd Logo Generator

screenshot of brand crowd website

BrandCrowd has a free logo generator that’s limited, but might be acceptable for a startup website. Whereas Tailor Brands’ free version is different file size, Brandcrowd’s free version actually restricts your design options. The options are limited in flair and small in number.

A more capable paid version of BrandCrowd’s logo generator offers much better design options, however. The paid tool will create many, many logo options based on your website name and provided keywords (use your primary SEO keywords). The suggestions won’t be as specific to your website’s design as what Tailor Brands suggests, but there are many options and all of them can be sorted. Create a shortlist of your favorites.

Logos from BrandCrowd begin at $9 per month. This includes all file types, and also social media versions so you can quickly brand your site’s social accounts.


screenshot of logo maker website

Logomaker.com is a budget option that has both limited features and limited costs. It’s an option if you want more than what the free logo generators offer, but don’t have much of a budget.

Like the other online logo generators, Logomaker.com asks for your website’s name, tagline (if applicable), and industry. Choose the industry that your website targets for the most relevant results. You can also choose one preferred font and one preferred icon.

The Logomarker.com tool will then suggest several designs. Every design is basic in its elements but can be fully customized. You may be able to use the design as a template for a much more exciting logo if you’re decent at graphic design.

Of all these online logo generators, Logomaker.com uniquely charges a one-time fee of $39.99. That’s much more upfront than the others charge, but your costs could be lower if your website stays active for some time. See if the designs work for your site first, though.

Canva Logo Generator

screenshot of canva logo maker website

Canva takes a different approach to logo creation. Rather than asking questions and then suggesting designs, Canva has a library of different templates for your to build from.

The templates are sorted by industry, so you’ll have no problem finding some that are relevant to your website. Going through all of the layouts takes more time, however, because the templates aren’t specific to your website information.

After choosing a template, you can customize its colors, text, images, fonts, icons, and orientation. Vector capabilities allow you to size the logo as you want, but the ultimate file that you download will be limited in size.

Only JPEG, PNG, and PDF files are available, and all of these will blur if they’re too large. That’s not an issue when using logos on your website, but it could be a problem if you ever need a large logo on something else.

You must create an account to see Canva’s logo templates. An account is free or $119.99 annually.


screenshot of free logo services website

FreeLogoServices is another logo generator that provides quality design suggestions based on your input. You can select an industry, logo styles, font styles, and layouts, which the tool will use as the basis for its suggestions. The color palette isn’t a choice, but you can adjust the color before finalizing. The font, layout, and other elements can also be customized.

While the tool’s name might technically be correct, the “free” in FreeLogoServices only applies to the design service. Don’t expect to download a logo for free — that costs at least $40 for an essential logo, or $60 for a premium one.

Logoai Logo Generator

screenshot of logai website

True to its name, Logoai uses artificial intelligence to suggest suitable logo designs. The process involves providing a business name (and slogan), and selecting a color palette and font family. From this, various logo possibilities will be suggested.

Many of the logos suggested are somewhat basic, but some options have more complexity and uniqueness. Not all logo suggestions feature an icon. Those that do have only simple icons. Any can, naturally, be customized for your website.

Prices are $29 for a PNG file or $59 for multiple file types including vector files. A $99 option adds logo animation, which few online logo generators can do. These are all one-time payments, making this one of the best logo makers that don’t have recurring monthly fees.

Smashing Logo

screenshot of smashing logo website

Smashing Logo has a team of virtual “graphic designers,” which are personas that each design to a different style. There are seven virtual designers in total. Based on your chosen industry keywords, brand attributes, color scheme, icons, and fonts, each designer will create a distinct array of logo suggestions.

Combining questions with a virtual designer simplifies getting the types of logos you want. You only need to answer a few questions, and your chosen designer will add parameters without asking many technical questions. The hardest choice is probably the color palette — which you can select yourself or use your graphic designer’s suggested palette.

All of the logo suggestions are high-quality, featuring intricate icons, different layouts, and gradients. You can certainly change any of them without offending the virtual designer.

Pricing requires just one payment. The basic $99 level gets you files suitable for online use, but you might want to pay $20 more for the social media-ready files.

Create Your Website’s Logo

If your website doesn’t already have a logo, use one of these online logo generators to create a captivating emblem. Your site will benefit from the branded graphic – and visitors will come to recognize the symbol as your website’s.

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