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Our top 5 Hand-picked Free & Paid WordPress Blog Theme

Author: WC.Bear
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Choosing a theme for your website can be quite overwhelming especially for beginner blogger/writer. It could take you forever just to find “the one” that most suits your need especially when thousands of them exist on the internet. For many people, the task is no different from finding a needle in a haystack. Many bloggers/writers falter at this step and lose the chance to share their greatness with the rest of the world. However, in this digital age, no Shakespeare is going to be discovered offline. To prevent that from happening, we have compiled a list of blog themes that will get you started in just seconds.

Top 5 FREE

Who said good things don’t come for free?  These five free blog themes have proven the statement to be a total nonsense. Free themes are a great start for beginner blogger/writer. Why? Because you get to publish your work to the world with all your money safely stored in your bank account.

1. Themify Base 

The theme show you how “less is more” are supposed to be done. A minimal responsive theme that will sure grab viewer attention when they enter the site



2. Blogger


A Tumblr style blog theme with its own charm. The responsive theme takes things back to basic and the clean presentation makes it very easy to focus on the blog post.



3. DW Timeline


DW timeline is a very unique blog theme with a beautiful header that screams out for attention. The posts run down the page in a very familiar format – Facebook timeline, making it very easy to trace back on each post.



4. Wilson


The simplicity of this responsive theme makes it a very suitable choice for a beginner who wants to start a personal blog or website.



5. Blogly


A very beautiful flat design style blog theme. The lite version of this amazing theme is available for free but you would need to buy the pro-version if you want the full customization options.


Top 5 PAID

Although some good things do come for free, it is hard to argue that great things only come to those who pay for them. In a fact of life, one would need to invest in order to earn. Paid theme tends to allow more advanced customization as well as support and regular update from the creator.  Without further ado, here are our top 5:

1. Merapi


A very sleek and modern responsive theme which reminds one of a very well-organized pin-up board.  The layout is very suitable for both a website and a personal blog.


2. Le Tour


This beautiful theme comes with four different homepage layouts. The clean and modern design makes the page very easy to navigate. It also comes with many easy customization options, such as typography and theme color.


3. Minimy


Super minimal style blog theme with two different home page layouts available in the package. The theme looks very clean yet whimsical; a perfect blank canvas waiting to be filled with content.


4. Plunk


This simple and responsive web layout will sure gets the attention of the viewer the minute they enter the homepage. The widescreen picture on top of the content provides a good space for your photography showcase.


5. Sleek


The theme has live up to its name with its clean, simple, and sophisticate layout. Furthermore, the theme comes in both regular blog layout and full screen mode.


Our Thoughts

Even with these ten options, are you still hesitating to make a decision? Here is our winner from the free and paid list above:

DW Timeline wins our hearts on the free list with its unique timeline feature. The similarity to Facebook timeline makes it very easy for both the blogger and the reader to navigate through the site as well as keeping the page well-organized; a true gem for the starter blogger/writer.

The competition is fierce on the paid list, but we finally hand over the trophy to Le Tour. The theme comes with four different layouts making it very versatile for any kind of website. The theme has enough punch to grab readers’ attention, and yet not being too overwhelming. Sleek, clean, and simple, what more can you ask for in a theme.

Despite our two winners, keep in mind that there is no such thing as the “best” theme as it is something very subjective. Something that works wonder for a person might not do the same for others. So don’t spend too much time browsing through the internet for the “right one”. This is not the search for your soul mate; you can always change or update your theme anytime you want. The most important thing is to get start and get your work up for the world to see ASAP.

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