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Pamela Manning

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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I first heard about Web Courses Bangkok through Facebook. At the time, I needed to work on annotating some pictures for a project and also had a need to create a website. I decided to go for private tuition as my requirements were constantly changing and didn’t quite fit with the course outlines.

After the first session, I was competently working on my pictures and getting over what had previously been ‘Photoshop fear’. Working with the trainers at Web Courses, you quickly realise how much knowledge they have and how they can make the most daunting task so easy to complete.

My constant questioning is always responded to with professional, competent answers. Pamela Manning

Through the next couple of sessions, I improved my Photoshop skills and also learnt how to get my iWeb site up and running and recognised by Google. This led to a fascination on how easy it was to get websites up and running. I have since bought another two domain names, the first one I got WordPress up and running myself. This is a great thing about Web Courses, they empower their students to think and find out for themselves, safe in the knowledge that they are always there when you get stuck! So it came time when I needed to have a health check on this first site. One session with Carl and the site had a complete overhaul (and looks fantastic) as well as setting up the other domain into a beautiful wordpress site which also looks and works great.

Two websites in two hours. Not bad going.Pamela Manning

I would highly recommend Web Courses Bangkok to anyone, it’s not just for budding Web Designers. In fact, they could teach many companies in Bangkok a thing or two about marketing and customer service!

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