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Photography Genres (Part 2)

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
photography genres
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This month blog is part 2 of Photography Genres (Part 1). On the first part we introduced you six type of photography such as Nature, Architectural, Aerial, Forensic, Macro and Astrophotography. In this article I am going to introduce you another six genres, so please be patient and follow us in this article and find your favorite genre.

This month blog is part 2 of Photography Genres (Part 1) posted in June 29, 2012. On the first part we introduced you six type of photography such as Nature, Architectural, Aerial, Forensic, Macro and Astrophotography. In this article I am going to introduce you another six genres, so please be patient and follow us in this article and find your favorite genre.

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7- Photography Genres – Photojournalism

Photojournalism receives an assignment from news agency and completes the article news by photographs relevant to the topic. He/she is a visual reporter and illustrates the news topics by capturing those moments. However, it can be a tough and risky job as well. Just think about photojournalism who works in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Every year some photographers have been shot in such harsh situations.

They also have to follow the ethics which has been defined in this genre included the right to privacy, Photo manipulation.

We could divide this genre to 1- Documentary photography 2- Street photography 3- Sports photography 4- Celebrity photography.

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Hagaman (1996). , says in her book,  How I Learned not to be a Photojournalist,she says,  “The main problem I had to solve in making these photographs was created by that process: how, in a very limited amount of time, to make photographs that illustrated newspaper stories and would be accepted by editors who wanted immediately understandable pictures whose impact would entice people to read the text.”

8- Photography Genres – Advertising Photography

Shooting and making stunning photos of products or services in order to attract and encourage customers is another sort of photography. Nowadays advertising has been strictly tightened to high-quality photographs. Just look around when you walk in the street and you will realize the important aspect of photography.

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9- Photography Genres – Fine Art Photography

This is just one definition out of others about Fine Art Photography: “Fine art photography”: “A picture that is produced for sale or display rather than one that is produced in response to a commercial commission”

A fine art photographer is an artist who is able to think and look out of the box. These photos are creative and usually, illustrates the photographer’s point of view and opinion and been considered as a piece of art. The composition can be complex and carries a hidden message.


web courses bangkok photography

By Dina Bova

This genre photographs can be really simple or complicated and create a sense of surrealism.

The canvas transforms to camera sensor and brush to lens of the camera. In conclusion photographers are free to illustrate their thoughts and sometimes sell them at a high price.

10- Photography Genres – Fashion Photography

The focus points of this genre are mostly clothes and accessories. These photographs usually are printed in fashion magazines such as vogue, Elle and so on. They can be shoot outdoor or indoor (studio). It’s also a tough work and requires good eyes and a skillful post production. The famous fashion photographers also charge the clients with really high price. In most American and European countries these photographers are well paid but unfortunately it still hasn’t come in to Asian’s attention.

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photography genres

11- Photography Genres – Food Photography

It’s a still photography which intends to create attractive photos of foods or ingredients for cookbooks, menus, food magazines and advertisement. The shooting can be either outside with natural light or indoor at a studio. There are some instructions and tricks that a photographer has to follow for getting a better photo.

I have taken these tips from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_photography:

  • Creating steam with cool air nebulizers or a combination of chemicals that give off smoke that gives the appearance of steam;
  • Spraying food with water or mixtures of water, corn syrup, or other liquids to keep food looking fresh;
  • Making a mixture of solid shortening, corn syrup, and powdered sugar (essentially a very stiff frosting) that can be scooped to simulate real ice cream;
  • Using a variety of browning agents (usually mixtures used to brown gravies or sometimes heat activated liquids used in commercial bakeries) to enhance the color/brownness of cooked meats and poultry;
  • Using heavy cream instead of milk in bowls of cereal to prevent flakes from becoming soggy too quickly. The use of white glue is generally discouraged, and is not usually encountered. (as most cereal companies prohibit this practice).
  • Blanching green vegetables to just bring up their bright color, rather than cooking them completely. Other vegetables and foods may be cooked just to color, so they do not brown or become wrinkled if they must stand under the camera for a while.
  • Adding water to beverages so light will filter through better and add sparkle to the drink.

photography genres

12- Photography Genres – Nude Photography

Is a type of art photography focuses on the beauty of human body. It is non-sexual artistic work and differs from erotic photography and pornography. The photo contains a still nude human body that has been composited elegantly. The photographer doesn’t concentrate on the face model but focuses on the lines of the body.

Now find the field that you are interested, practice and try to be as creative as possible. Do not forget to see the famous photographers’ works and train your eyes to see what people do not see. You are the one who has to explore the world of photography.

We are also here beside you to make you ready for this journey. Try our group or private photography classes and take your first step with Web Courses Bangkok.

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