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Get To Know The Pre-Installed Programs On Your Mac!

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pre installed mac programs
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Macs are one of Apple’s most iconic products and the perks of owning a Mac are aplenty. Not only are Macs remarkably portable, they also come pre-installed with many great programs. To get you started on the right track as a new Mac user, here’s an overview on these pre installed Mac programs:

pre installed mac programsPre Installed Mac Programs – Finder

The Finder app is designed to provide full access to your disks, apps, drives, folders, files, and helps you to keep them organized in the way you want. If you want to open a new Finder window, simply click the Finder Icon which can found in the Dock, and then Select File > New Window. If you do this correctly, the first window you should see is “All My Files”. This will display all the files and documents you have access on your computer.

pre installed mac programsPre Installed Mac Programs – Launchpad

With Launchpad, opening, finding and organizing your apps is extremely easy and hassle-free. To access Launchpad, simply click the Launchpad icon in the Dock, or press the Launchpad button (F4 button) on your keyboard, or pinch your thumb and three fingers together on your track pad. If you do it correctly, all your apps will appear on your screen and they will be arranged in alphabetical order. You can also choose to re-arrange them by dragging them to the position you want.

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – Safari

Apple fans call it the best internet browser that comes with your Mac as it offers a rich web experience. Not only is it faster but it is energy efficient too, meaning the sites you browse are more responsive and your Mac’s battery will last longer between charges. There are also built-in privacy features that make it stronger than other browsers. Also, it is compatible with iCloud which means you can browse seamlessly across all your Apple devices.

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – Mail

The OS X Mail allows Mac users to store, view, reply to and compose emails with the highest level of ease and convenience. The mail also organizes your email replies in the form of a conversation. This will make it extremely easy for you to follow a thread of messages between you and others. The mail will also collapse texts that you have seen before in earlier emails so you can read through a particular topic with ease. If you want to view all the text of a specific message, simply click See More.

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – Contacts

The Contacts function is known as a staple part of a Mac user’s dock. Considered as a virtual address book, it stores all your contacts’ information for you to add and review at any time, and also allows you to integrate with other apps whenever necessary. When you add a contact, you can choose to add as much or as little information as you want. This information will then form a contact card and can easily be shared if you want.

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – Messages

Here’s another cool feature in your Mac to look out for! This built-in chat client allows you to send messages using primarily iMessage, or other varieties of third party messaging services. If you already have an Apple ID, it also means you have an iMessage account, which can be used to receive and send messages. If you have yet to set up your Apple ID on your Mac, don’t worry, you will be prompted for a quick setup when you access the chat client for the first time.

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – Calendar

Your Mac’s Calendar app displays time, birthdays and appointments to keep you on schedule for important events. The Calendar can be found in the Applications Folder or the Dock. When you open, you can start to change the views of your calendar, schedule an event, create new calendars by choosing New Calendar from the File Menu, and even edit your appointment details with the Inspector Window.

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – iTunes

iTunes is a cool platform where all your favorite music, TV shows and movies take center stage. This app is one of the best ways to enjoy and organize your extensive media collections and even shop for ones you want to get on the go. You can even tune in to on-demand music stations that have been optimized by Apple Music gurus. Go ahead and enjoy all the entertainment iTunes has to offer on your Mac!

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – Game Center

If you own a Mac that runs on OS X Mountain Lion or later and have a reliable internet connection, you will be able to play and share games with your friends in Mac’s Game Center. You can also track your progress by using the game client’s leader boards. Before you can begin playing and interacting with your friends, you must sign in with your Apple ID. To create a new ID, simply select Create New Apple ID as shown in the window. You can also go to Me > Account > Sign Out to sign in to a different account.

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – App Store

Here, you can receive the latest updates for your existing apps and get new ones to enhance your Mac experience. If you have installed Mac OS X version 10.6.6 or later, the App Store app will come bundled with it. If not, you can select Software Update from the Apple Menu and follow the onscreen instructions. Mac OS X Yosemite allows you to update your software automatically by toggling with the Turn on Automatic Software Updates option.

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – iBooks

iBooks was originally an iOS eBook app for the iPad. With the release of Mac OS X Mavericks, the best-in-class iBooks client is now available on the Mac. The app is designed to enhance your overall reading experience for the eBooks you have purchased online. iBooks also allows you switch to the iTunes-style view that you are familiar with when organizing your books and more.

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – Photo Booth

It is a fun program that allows you to take photos and videos of yourself with the Mac’s built-in webcam system. When you open the window, there is a distinct red camera button at the bottom. Press it once and hold your position for 3 seconds until the countdown is over and your picture has been taken. It is that simple and you can even add effects after you are done!

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – Reminders

This neat app is a good way to help you keep your work productivity in check by allowing you to set reminders with time and location notices. The app comes with a skeuomorphic design and simply put, you will find it really easy to use!

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – iPhoto

iPhoto is the much loved photo organizer that comes with every device that runs the Mac OS X. The key features of using iPhoto include integration with iCloud as well as other iOS devices, auto-downloading of photos as well as the ability to organize photos by events.

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – Notes

Just like the Reminders program which helps you manage your work productivity, the Notes app acts like a digital post-it where you can use to jot down things that you need to remember.

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – Maps

For those who love the edge that Global Positioning System (GPS) gives you to find your way around in the real world, you will definitely love the convenience that Maps brings you. Statistics have shown that Apple Maps is even more popular than Google Maps so try using this app to find your location, use turn-by-turn navigation and even find out about real-time traffic information!

pre installed mac programs

Pre Installed Mac Programs – Trash

The equivalent for Trash on computers running Windows OS is the Recycle Bin and it’s where all your deleted items will go. The Trash icon sits on the right-hand end of your dock and if you have accidentally deleted a file, you can always rescue it by retrieving it from the Trash.

As you should have realized by now, there are so many awesome pre installed Mac programs. Try exploring these great apps that come bundled with your Mac and enjoy their prowess in enriching your Mac experience!

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