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How To Make a Professional Video Intros For YouTube

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Go by YouTube statistics, and you will find that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. For all kinds of video searches, though, people come straight to YouTube instead of hopping to Google.

Of course, you can use the best YouTube intro maker for creating relevant and poignant video introductions that will attract viewers and hook them to your content. But the question here is, how do you go about making an intro?

There are varied approaches to making the right kind of professional YouTube intros, but the most important thing for you is keeping the purpose of the intro in mind. Proactive measures for creating engaging and attractive video intros, with a simple video editor,  will pay off in the long run and offer better returns on investment.

Some tips to help you in making the most professional YouTube intros are as follows:

1. Create an Intro that Is Exclusively Yours

Remember, your YouTube video introduction is your chance to capture the viewers and transform them into loyal subscribers and fans. That’s the reason why you must ensure making a distinguishing and exclusive intro.

Many companies will claim that this is the best YouTube intro-maker tool, but you need to decide on the right tool by considering your requirements. The best is to go for the simple-to-use, free, and professional YouTube intro maker available online. These are available on almost all web browsers helping users make memorable introductions.

The intro makers also give users access to premium and high-quality animated motion graphics and audio tracks. You can add these on top of wonderful stock footage and illustrations to make sleek introduction videos within minutes.

2. Keep the Run Time Short

Your professional YouTube intro should not exceed 10 seconds in length. Ask the experts, and they will agree to this fact. Long video introductions, generally the ones going beyond the 10-second mark, will not have a huge viewership.

If your intro has become a bit longer by any chance, it will not be a major problem. Crop it to the desired length and get going. The main purpose of creating a YouTube intro is to attract viewers and directly link the intro and the content that comes after it.

If you create a long intro for your YouTube video, it will make the viewers lose their patience and exit the video immediately. Do you want this to happen? Five seconds is the perfect length for a YouTube video intro.

You can make it shorter but make sure even your short intro includes proper matter for capturing the viewers’ attention at the very first instance.

3. Keeping the Intro Relevant Is Imperative

Your into should effortlessly fit into the content that comes after it. If it fails to fit in, people are likely to get confused about the message you are trying to convey. And chances are they will close your brand video.

Therefore, your video introduction for YouTube must be relevant to the matter or the message you are trying to deliver to the audience. Consider the type of video you are making to get the intro right.

For example, funny YouTube introductions are perfect for videos showing interesting lifestyles, while high-technology intros are ideal for review videos.

4. Go for Personalized Branding

When you are creating a video for YouTube, it is obvious that you want the viewers to recognize your business while scrolling through your video. This goes special not just for YouTube but also for other social media platforms.

Good branding is the key to gaining success. The majority of successful companies have this one thing in common. Hence, your YouTube intro needs to include proper and recognizable branding like your company’s name, logo, tagline, signature, font, and color.

Here consistency is another important attribute. You need to be consistent in using branding elements if you want your YouTube intro to be successful. Over time, your branding will be associated with the content you keep posting on YouTube.

Keep in mind that brand recognition builds on certain signature elements along with the meaning you put into them. And yes, do not assume branding to be all about visuals. No, it is not.

Branding is about the meaning and the significance reflected by the visuals that bring it to life and make it relevant and relatable.

5. How About Starting with a Question?

The best intros are the ones that ask questions. Yes, they are. Intros with open-ended questions get the viewers to think about the remaining content. When you strategically place well-framed questions in an intro, they tickle the viewers’ senses, bringing them to figure out the answers.

Since viewers are busy trying to answer the questions asked in the intro, they remain hooked to the content. Adding valuable content to your intro will hook the audience, and there is no better tool than asking questions.

But remember one wrong choice, and your viewers can drop off. This means you must make the right choice of the questions you are looking to include in your intro. Refrain from asking questions that are too obvious as these can insult the audience’s intelligence, and they might not receive them well.

In the same way, over-complicated questions framed inappropriately can confuse the audience and even leave them disinterested.

6. Use the Right Tool

If you are serious about creating good quality content, you must use the right intro-making tool for creating attractive and engaging YouTube introductions. The best is to use tools that allow users to incorporate their brand logo, tagline, and colors in the intros.

Also, create similar video introductions for different videos in your YouTube channel or playlist. This will save you from the extra work you need to do later. The online intro-making tools also give you the flexibility of choosing instrumental songs as the theme music for video intros. These make the introductions even catchier!


So, follow the tips mentioned above when making a professional video intro for YouTube. The video intro should send a distinct and clear message to the viewers. This is important because only when the viewers are clear about the message you are trying to convey will they go through the remaining part of the content to know more about your brand.

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