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10 Websites To Promote Your Business Online in Thailand

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
promoting your business online
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There are many websites about travel, food, shopping, hotels, hottest clubs and even export businesses the lists are endless. We would be showing you how to promote your blog to reach a wider audience and promoting your business online in Thailand.promoting your business online

There are many websites about travel, food, shopping, hotels, hottest clubs and even export businesses the lists are endless. We would be showing you how to promote your blog to reach a wider audience.

Perhaps you may have advertised on Facebook, Google or even Bidvertiser but sometimes we just need few top niche website that receives thousands of visitors daily to reach our targeted goal.

You may be wondering why top niche sites well, the answer is simply because audiences all over the world visit this sites when they are seeking for information and at such; advertising on that page, contributing meaningfully in the forum and leaving you URL behind are good ways to create more traffic to your blogs and build links for Search Engines.


Promoting Your Business Online – Thaivisa

Thai visa covers immigration news, Dating, jobs, Business and Investment in Thailand. Its discussion forum is a good way to connect with others.

Promoting Your Business Online – Hotfrog

promoting your business online
Are your targeted audience located in Nonkhai, or the business people you are trying to reach are located in the south of Thailand. Whatever your niche is, hot frog can provide you as it cover extensively from A-Z of all business directory and users are visiting in their thousands to find information. Why not make use of the opportunity to be SEEN and HEARD.

Promoting Your Business Online – Bangkok Business Connection

promoting your business online
If you are promoting your blog because you are looking for business professional that are looking to partner, or you need referrals, maybe you own a small and growing business and you really looking to network then you should take a look at Bangkok Business Connections (BBC)

Promoting Your Business Online – Pattaya one

promoting your business online

Because this news site is focusing on the people of Pattaya and Chonburi, chances are that it would be very effective for targeting foreigners and locals. Maybe you blogging about Lingerie, accommodation, or new discotheque in town Pattaya one is a great place to draw attention from because of their outstanding position in the Leisure and Travel business in the city.

Promoting Your Business Online – Ajarn

promoting your business online

Have you checked out Ajarn Forum yet? It has been labeled “Thailand’s most inspiring and educational forum”. Maybe your blog is about translations, or you are a freelance English, German, Japanese, Africana, India, or whatever Language teacher. When you regularly contribute in the forum you stand higher chances to network and connect with students who may be needing your services and also your URL links would be more visible to search Engines. Why not visit ajarn.com today.

Promoting Your Business Online – Bangkok Expats

promoting your business online

Bangkokexpats.com is an online magazine created to provide information for tourists and expatriates about Bangkok, Central Thailand and the Eastern Seaboard. Their review covers food and dining, accommodations, tours, activities, news and events that are happening in the Kingdom of Thailand. In addition to articles and photo reviews, they have a business listing where buyers and sellers can post for free. Good site to follow up with if you’re targeting expatriates in Thailand.

Promoting Your Business Online – Farang Friendly

promoting your business online

Farang Friendly is a business locator website serving the whole of Thailand. Their aim is to make the everyday lives of the English speaking community in Thailand easier by providing accurate, up to date information on all types of businesses and services.

Promoting Your Business Online – Restaurants of Bangkok

promoting your business online

Restaurants of Bangkok (R|O|B) is Bangkok’s restaurant directory where diners can find information on their favorite eateries, read interesting articles, restaurant reviews, receive newsletters and vouchers from restaurants they become fan of. If food and dining is your niche perhaps you are blogging about cookery schools in Bangkok, or you just reviewing the many restaurants then you may want to check out (R|O|B).

Promoting Your Business Online – Thailand Travel Forum

promoting your business online

If Hotel is your niche then this is a good chance because you have the opportunity to write review, list your hotels, discuss in the forum, post questions and get impression from readers.

Study in Thailand

promoting your business online

Are you offering educational services or you are targeting local and international students in Thailand? Studyinthainthailand is a site that covers degree, non-degree, Internships, and seminars extensively. It is a good place to promote your blog by submitting articles, be a guest writer and review schools. It brings more exposure to your site and builds links for Search Engine.

Have we missed any?

Please post any sites you think we missed below, we look forward to hearing from you!

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