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ReactJS advantages and why you should use it for your project

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Why use React JS for my next project when there are so many JavaScript libraries? It’s true that today’s complicated data-driven world requires specific libraries. Many solutions stretch and break as online programs become more dynamic. Need something sturdy yet adaptable.

All your difficulties are solved with React JS. The Facebook-created React library has become the standard for seamless, scalable user experiences. React’s component-based design and sophisticated diffing technique improve front-end development as complexity increases.

What’s ReactJS?

Facebook maintains React JS, a JavaScript library. Jordan Walke, the inventor of React JS, describes it as an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source JavaScript toolkit for developing simple, quick, and scalable web application frontends.

It has dominated front-end development since its introduction. Statista’s 2023 survey found that Node.js is the most used framework worldwide, followed by React and Angular.

More than 12,682,010 active websites use React. In addition, Apple, Netflix, Paypal, and others have begun adopting ReactJS development services. So many firms, including some of the world’s biggest brands, use React JS, so it must have great advantages, right?

Yes, it does. A better question is… What are React JS’s main advantages that attract so many organizations and brands?

Key React JS Front-end Development Benefits

React JS has several advantages. To understand why React JS is better than other front-end JavaScript development frameworks, let’s examine its main advantages.

React enables developers to use certain elements of their application on both the client side and server-side, resulting in faster development.

Different developers may write particular pieces without affecting the application’s functionality.

  1. Flexibility – React’s modular nature makes it simpler to maintain and more versatile than other front-end frameworks. Businesses save a lot of time and money with this flexibility.
  2. Performance- Performance was a priority while designing React JS. A virtual DOM program and server-side rendering let complicated programs run quickly in the framework.
  3. Usability – With little JavaScript understanding, deploying React is simple. Indeed, a skilled JavaScript developer can master React in a day or two.
  4. Reusable Parts- Reusing components is a major feature of React JS. Developers save time by not writing several scripts for the same functionalities. Furthermore, modifications to one element will not effect other portions of the program.
  5. Mobile app development – You’d be foolish to think React is solely for web development! Facebook has improved its Android and iOS native app development framework. After learning about the React framework’s main features, let’s look at the top reasons to choose React JS for your next project.

Why React JS May Be Best for Your Project

These arguments may help you decide whether to use React JS for your project.

Below are the top reasons React JS may be the perfect framework for your project.

  • Easy to learn – React is simpler to understand than Angular and Vue (Related to the topic, you may want to read a comparison of React vs Vue). It’s one of the key reasons React gained popularity quickly. It speeds up project development for enterprises. Businesses and huge brands use React since it’s straightforward to understand and start utilizing. 
  • Helps create rich UIs – React’s declarative components provide high-quality, rich user interfaces, which leads to our following argument.
  • You may write custom components. – JSX, an optional syntactic extension, lets you build React components. These components allow HTML quoting and make subcomponent rendering pleasant for developers. JSX has been debated, although it has been used to write bespoke components, develop high-volume apps, and turn HTML mockups into ReactElement trees. Since components are extremely adaptable, developers may reuse them across the project, speeding up development.
  • It boosts developer productivity. – When your program has complicated logic and a single change might drastically affect other components, frequent updates can be a pain. Facebook added component reusability to React to fix the issue. React component reusability lets developers reuse digital assets.
  • It renders rapidly – When designing a complicated, high-load program, you must establish its structure early on to ensure its performance. Simply said, DOM is tree-structured. Thus, a tiny higher-level layer change might severely damage an application’s user interface. To fix this, Facebook added a virtual DOM. Virtual DOM is a virtual version of DOM that enables testing all modifications to determine risks. This maintains app speed and improves user experience.


React, like Angular, is a great framework worth considering. Waiting for what? Hire a React JS developer now! Keep in mind that a great React JS app demands working with the top development firm. Contact us now for a free project consultation.


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