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Second Hand Car Selling Vs Real Online Marketing Advice

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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I am sick of hearing “game changer”, I am tired of hearing “you`ll be top of Google in 7 days” and I can`t stand the word “awesome”.


Lots of Words with Little Value

I am sick of hearing “game changer”, I am tired of hearing “you`ll be top of Google in 7 days” and I can`t stand the word “awesome”.

A game changer is Edison’s light bulb, getting to the top of Google depends on A. the keyword you want to be top of and B. the amount of work you are willing to do, and “awesome” is used for things like the Grand Canyon and the Edinburgh Festival. So why do Online Marketing courses insist on talking @#$% for the first 50 minutes of a 60 minute sure fire method of getting rank #1?

SEO Monkey

If you are tired of being told how amazing what you are about to learn is, an awesome game changing sure method of getting to the top of Google, and not being actually given any real advice, then this is the post for you.

Rank Takes Real Work

There is no single method to getting a high rank on Google (ouch, did that hurt fellow SEO experts?). It takes a combination of consistency and content creation. Don`t believe me, believe that we rank for every keyword we target. I find it hilarious that these SEO experts don`t even have a page rank (a score from 1 to 10 given by Google to decide where a page appears on the Search Engine Results Page S.E.R.P.)

Consistency is the key, we took years to be where we are now and we will continue to climb up the search results. Why? Because we will continue to write quality content relevant to our market and potential customers.

Here is what we do:

  • Check our email every day and reply to customer emails quickly. This gives us a good impression with our customers who then mention this good service on their Social Networks thus driving quality happy leads to us. The best leads you can hope to get are from a person who you trust telling you to check these guys out.
  • Update our Fanpage with interesting articles, images and news about our training centre.
  • Tweet about latest articles, things in the web design community that interest us and connect with other experts and share ideas.
  • Write: Our market is people wanting to learn web design so we write tutorials on, you guessed it, web design. If you are a handicraft company, why not write tutorials on how to make nice bracelets with just used toilet rolls and sticky back plastic?

Essentially you need to create content that is interesting so people want to then share or link to it.

Content is King

    • Create videos and post on our Vimeo and YouTube channels. You can also use the new YouTube keyword tool to find out what you should put in your description to get your tubes found.
    • Follow the top blogs in web design (in our case) and comment on their posts, reply to others and give honest, expert opinions. If people are interested in what you say they will click your link and come to your site. I’ve found lots of wonderful sites through reading an interesting comment by someone.
      On a side note, I use this method to find new and interesting people to do interviews with us. Our interviews drive a lot of traffic as they are rich in keywords about what we do. Say your site is about football, can you imagine getting an interview with a team manager or coach? That would be interesting to other footballs fans, no?
    • Look for relevant directory sites and list our training center and courses. Look for directories that specialize in your area e.g. for us here are some sites that we list on:o StudyAbroad.com
      o AngloInfo
      o Training Classes (however they don`t send us many visitors)
      o Aboutus.org
      o Teachers site
      o Farang Friendly
      o Hotfrog
      o Craigslist
      o Numerous CSS galleries
      o The mighty DMOZ
    • Bookmark: When you post new content, bookmark it using services like Delicious, submit to news sites and share on social networks:o www.Good-Tutorials.com – has been kind to us and sends us about 800+ unique visitors a month.
      o Facebook and Twitter – as soon as we post a new article (such as this one) we share on our profiles, fanpages and tweet it.
      o Stumbleupon – has been very friendly to us with one post reaching 35,000 visits and has a consistent 4000+ people per month since. Now not many of these turn into actual bookings but it does show Google that we are a popular site.
    • Comment: I look for relevant posts, e.g. 10 Usability Tools and then I will post a link to our How To Do User Testing in Your Sleep, for example.

What Google Loves

With the recent panda update we see the big G going more towards unique interesting content rather than just links. No longer is Page Rank the most important factor as we must also take into consideration the social buzz our sites create. Essentially if you make interesting content people will share it, if people share it this creates links and a buzz to your content and the bigger the buzz from real people the higher you turn up in SERPs.

What are you saying, Spock? All I have to do is write regular interesting content, share it on social networks and that is it? Short and curly answer: Yes!


Google Is Not Stupid

Think of it this way: Through the infancy of the internet, search engines could be tricked and a lot of what these second hand car salesmen are about is looking for holes in the algorithm and exploiting it. Google is not stupid and these guys got a slap in the face with the recent panda update which was a, can`t believe I am saying this, a real game changer. Why? Because it went back to the good old-fashioned family values of “content is king”.

As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, there is no secret method that will only be shared after you pay $19 or listen to me harp on about awesome game changing methods that Google does not want you to know.

I sincerely hope this helps. If you are interested in working with me personally to create an online marketing strategy, then join our private Online Marketing Course here at Web Courses Bangkok.

PS. I got a nice Volkswagen Beetle for sale if anyone is interested, one owner, great condition and comes with a free leather Bible.

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