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September Roundup: 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creatives & Savvy Users

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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As we are moving into the last quarter of the year, it’s imaginable that everyone’s workload has started to peak. Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner or an employee, you want to get more things done before the holiday season starts to take over. If you are thinking about productivity, then it’s certainly worth your time if you follow our monthly roundups of useful tech tools that keep startups, creatives and savvy users in mind. Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you this month.


If you love free stuff, then you will never refuse an introduction to Stocky – a free stock website that lets you use free images, videos, music, graphics, and more for commercial use. Many of us are always on the lookout for resources to use that will not get us into any kind of copyright battles – this is where you will find Stocky so valuable.

There are plenty of gems you will find on this site and you can modify the resources for your own use (commercial or otherwise) without having to do any form of attribution. Check it out today and get another bagful of free stock goodies!

Stocky website homepage

Official site: stocky.pro
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UI Movement 2.0

Where do you go when you need your daily dose of UI design inspirations? UI Movement 2.0 of course! For those who remember the initial launch of UI Movement, you can easily notice that the 2.0 version is completed redesigned at first glance.

Easier searches, powerful filters, a cleaner grid, and more functional browsing – UI designers will find it much simpler to fuel their imagination when seeking ideas on their next UI design project. If you want to be top in the industry, then you should get involved in the UI Movement 2.0!

UI movement website homepage
Official site: uimovement.com
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Google Allo

If you want to take messaging to the next level, then you definitely have to give Google Allo a shot. Not only can you express yourself better with stickers, emojis, and more, you get your very own Google Assistant which help you search for relevant materials to add depth to your chats.

You can also go incognito n your messages so that security is enhanced. It’s fun, it’s cool, and it’s certainly clever!

Allo website homepage
Official site: allo.google.com
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If I ask you how many SaaS subscriptions your startup currently runs, will you be able to answer me? Well, by SaaS, I mean any online service you use to operate your business. It could be like a backup service such as Sugar Sync, or a mailing list service like Mailchimp. What we have to acknowledge is that, as we find more useful SaaS solutions to support our own business, there is a greater chance that we lose count and forget about our SaaS subscriptions.

Even when you intend to cancel a certain subscription after a year – you might miss out on the expiry date and end up paying for another year. Cardlife takes care of this by collating all your subscriptions in one place, and help you to manage the SaaS subscriptions so that you never have to lose out again – ever!

Official site: cardlifeapp.com
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Ever wish for a tool that can give you someone’s email address without hassle as long as you know their names and the company they work for? Well, Thrust is the tool you can trust. As a business executive, you will need to email a certain staff member at a startup but it’s time consuming to scan through the entire website to find this particular person’s email.

With Thrust, all you have to do is to find in 3 key pieces of information and the email address will appear before your eyes. It’s simple and effective – we love it as a productivity tool!


anymail finder website homepage
Official site: anymailfinder.com
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Web designers will have lots to celebrate with Freebiesbug. When you go to the website, you can search for resources under categories such as Free PSD, Illustrator Freebies, Free Fonts, and more.

It’s literally like a resource portal for web designers so you do not have to go out there and search on your own to differentiate what works and what does not. Simply browse through the resources here and take your pick!

freebiesbug website homepage
Official site: freebiesbug.com

Investor List

Many budding startups know just how importance it is to have the support of investors and their funding. Don’t know where to start to look for these investors? Well, you can just start with Investor List – and just like what its name suggests, it is a list of investors that you can consider.

Some great features here include the ability to search by type of investors such as whether they are VCs or angel investors. You can locate an ideal investor and then reach out to see if they are willing to take a chance in your business.

investorlist tech tool website homepage
Official site: investorlist.co
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Freelancers know just how important it is to manage their time well and improve productivity. Every hour you work translates into earnings and that’s why you should always make use of a time tracking software program to keep productivity in check.

With Timely, you can get a free account to record your work activities and if you are managing teams (and making payments based on time worked), you will definitely love how timesheets are generated automatically with this tool.

timelyapp website homepage
Official site: timelyapp.com
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All The Free Stock

All The Free Stock has an amazing collection of free stock images, videos, music, icons, website templates, and much more here – which you can use for your work without worrying about copyright infringements.

I like the feature that it can search across multiple sites so you do not have to navigate to each individual site to look for the free stock resources that you need. What’s more, because this site offers more than just free stock photos, I can simply station myself all day at this one website and find thousands of free resources for my creative work.

allthefreestock website homepage
Official site: allthefreestock.com
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Good Email Copy

If you love learning from the best, you will agree with me that you can never have too many examples. With Good Email Copy, you have a horde of resources at your fingertips that show you how established companies are writing their emails.

Whether it’s an account update email, a canceled subscription email, or even a thank-you email, you can find examples from different categories to help you write your own business emails better. Not only do you get to save time on copywriting, you also get to do it well – by learning from others!

goodemailcopy tool website homapge

Official site: goodemailcopy.com
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Well, that’s ten tech tools for you this month! We hope you find our monthly roundups helpful. If you want to acknowledge our hard work, share this post and other roundups with your friends and colleagues. See you again in our October roundup!

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