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An Interview with Web Designer – Sergio Ruiz

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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WCB discoverd Sergio while looking arround the interweb for exmaples of beautifully designed sites. Once we saw his portfoio we had to have an interview with him.He is a young freelance who was born and lives in Barcelona.

Name: Sergio Ruiz

Company: Camtessa

Job Title: Web Designer

Nationality: Spanish

Age: 19

What are your skills
Web design, XHTML/CSS, Icon Design and
Interface Design.

Web Designer Interview

How long have you been a web designer?:

I started to design at 16 years old as a hobby, but I didn’t start professionally until I was 18.

About how many sites have you made?:

Not much (as professional). I started as freelance sometime ago, so I had not enough time to make me a big web design portfolio. Before become freelance, I made many small works (like tools or sections) in the company where I was working. I learned a lot there.

What made you want to be a web designer?:

I’m not sure. After I created my website, I started to discover the big field of web design, and wanted to learn more by reading blogs and books. Eventually, my hobby became my work. I wish I discovered this “world” earlier.

What was the first web site you made?:

It was the first version my website, Camtessa. The next one was a website for a digital print company where I was working some months.

What would be the ideal web project for you?:

When the client understands your job and has faith in your skills. If your client doesn’t know anything about your work, it will be a hell to make him understand your ideas. In my last job, I had a general coordinator who understood my work, so it made my work easier, and I learned many things from him.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m working on a camera mini-store for a client. Apart from that, I’m working on some personal projects like an iPhone app or a photography website where I will put the photos of my next trip to Tokyo.

What is best part of being a web designer?:

The possibility of making the life easier for users through Usability. The study on how you can design a website to make it easily understandable.

Tell us about your best as experience as a web designer?:

When you finish your work and the client is satisfied. That’s what it makes you to keep improving and learning everyday.

Tell us about your worst as experience as a web designer?:

Well, my style is minimalistic, and sometimes, when I show the work to the client, he says “It’s too simple” or “add more stuff, images, graphics…”. Then I think “If you know that my style is minimalistic, and you want a design full of stuff that distract the user, why did you contact me to do the work?”

What are the most important things to learn to be a good web designer?:

Usability and Grids are two important things. Also, it’s very important to keep updated about your work (example:new trends, CSS3, HTML5…).

What advice would you give to our Web Courses Bangkok students:?

Learn and practice. Learn and practice a lot. Search for inspiration in the real life, not only on the internet. A city can inspire you, a poster can inspire you, a building can inspire you, the furniture can inspire you. Read web design blogs and books, RSS has to be your best friend to learn. Always ask for opinion, sometimes people that doesn’t know nothing about web design can give you good opinions and ideas. And one very important thing: Enjoy your work!

Thank you Sergio!

If you would like to know more about Sergio and his work, you can find him here:

Porfolio: www.camtessadesign.com

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