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You’re on in 5. How to Master Social Media Streaming

Author: Michael Jones
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social media streaming
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With the recent video trends transforming social media marketing. Businesses are hoping on the red-hot bandwagon to be the first to capture the social media streaming audience. Who are starving for original, fresh and live content to digest.

Believe it or not, live streaming is not a new, revolutionary thing. The first inception of live-streaming was a sports webcast of an American Baseball game (The Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees) September 5th, 1995.

Of course this did not go without a ditch. There were moments of blank screens and poor audio due to Internet speeds of yester year.

Welcome to the World of Live-streaming

Fast-forward to 2016, live social media streaming offers unique and dynamic content for viewers and gives access to our favorite brands, businesses, entertainers, politicians, and artists.

Live Stream: Sofitel So Bangkok Pool Party

We can enjoy LIVE interaction and engaging conversation with our favorite influencers, daily.

Live-streaming video is highly engaging and easy to do. Just POINT, CLICK and your LIVE. Thus making it the go to method of social media marketing.

Give an Experience with Live-streaming

If you’re hospitality based business. Sky’s the limit when it comes to live-streaming. You can broadcast how your company sets up for an event and give the audience a tour of your property/establishment.

If you really want to WOW your audience, show them how you create some of your signature dishes and drinks.

There are infinite experiences you can give your audience when adopting Live-streaming in your marketing strategy.

Live-streaming gives hospitality based businesses a platform in which they can communicate to audiences and create a loyal community. Many are adopting this way of marketing because of its low cost investment and its effectiveness with brand awareness.

With an array of apps, live-streaming has become the go to and the most effective methods of social media marketing.

live streaming

Check Out These Social Media Streaming Apps


periscope streaming

In March 2015, Twitter’s streaming app was introduced and has been hugely popular since it’s inception. Periscope allows users to catch events and viewers can ask questions, live.

Many companies use this platform to connect with their community providing a real life experience.

Facebook Live

facebook live

Facebook’s version of live streaming video from your smart phone. Just tap the Live Video option, write a description of your event and hit Go Live.

You are now live to followers of your business page or group. Since video is so popular on Facebook right now. You’re going to get more of an organic reach to your audience (no boost post needed). Facebook also ranks live video higher in user’s news feeds than saved video content.


youtube live

YouTube has had social media streaming service for sometime now.  YouTube live didn’t have the impact the video sharing behemoth expected. But don’t fret; Google has been quietly working on YouTube Connect.

This app is in the position to compete with Periscope and Facebook Live. It will also be available on iOS and Android devices….COMING SOON!

House party

a screenshot of House Party app

House Party is available both for iPhone and android users. House Party allows users to chat simultaneously with up to 8 other people. The app is available free to download, sign-up is easy and it is integrated with Snapchat.


blab live

Blab separates itself from the other Live-streaming video platforms. Four people can simultaneously chat while the audience watches and comments. Blab is still in beta but worth jumping in on especially for teleconference or virtual summits.

Live Streaming is a World Wide Phenomenon

American audiences can’t get enough of live-streaming. Our younger generation ages 15-25, nearly half of them are constantly streaming video content. Even watching it more than live television!

In fact, younger viewers watch more TV shows on mobile devices or PCs- than an actual TV set.

American broadcast networks are jumping on the live-streaming bandwagon. Fox broadcasting company made an announcement. In an effort to reach the widest possible audience, it will stream all of its primetime programming on its website and Fox Now app.

This announcement has many other broadcasting networks following in its live-streaming footsteps


social media streaming of someone eating

Are you dining alone? Well, not for long. In South Korea, you can pay to watch someone eat!

It’s called “Meok bang”. People preparing and eating meals over live-stream. They make conversation as they eat pizza, burgers, noodles or bulgogi.

The shows are in fact free but you can “tip” the eaters with digital currency that could be cashed out for real money.

From television shows, sports events, gaming and even watching some eat dinner. Live-streaming is a worldwide phenomenon where you can easily share experiences and content with the world.

How to Create a Social Media Streaming Event with Facebook and Periscope

Even though these platforms are different. The formula to optimize and create a successful live-stream remains the same.

share live video

1) Get your device, set up in a location with good lightening and minimal background noise.

Create a description of the broadcast. Make sure it’s an attention grabbing description that will pique your audience interest.

Then, select who you will share your broadcast with: friends only, a specific friends list or public. Finally, tap Go Live.

social media streaming viewers

2) Once you’re streaming live, you’ll see who’s tuning into your broadcast.

A good time length for a stream is between 2-20min. Find out what your audiences likes and gauge length of broadcast from there.

This also goes for the times you stream. See which broadcast times (morning, afternoon or evening) get the most views and/or engagement.

Time to engage! Start messaging them, asking questions, responding their questions. I did this once to someone live streaming about their entrepreneurial journey and I asked a question on the chat and it was so cool to see her answer…brought the whole thing to life.

social media streaming message

3) Talk to your audience.

Don’t forget to acknowledge them when they join your stream. Be engaging, answer questions and comments. Always end your stream with a CALL TO ACTION. This can be:

  • Telling audience to subscribe
  • Signing up to be apart of your email list
  • Visit website
  • Ask them their opinion!

repurpose broadcast for social media streaming

4) Repurpose Your Broadcast

When your stream ends, it will be saved to your timeline. You can also save your broadcast to your device so you can edit and repurpose your content.

Just like the rest of your content, you want to maximize and amplify it in as many places that are socially relevant to your brand. You’re broadcast can easily become a:

  • Blog Post
  • YouTube Video
  • Post on your Facebook page

**You can even edit into micro videos and post on Instagram**

All signs point to video and live streaming as the future of social media marketing.

Live streaming helps businesses to connect and get to know its audience on a deeper, more personal level. It’s also a market piercing, cost-effective strategy that can bring your business and brand the notoriety it deserves in this crowded social media world.

The Social Skinny

  • Pick a live-streaming app for your broadcasts: Periscope, Facebook Live, Meerkat, etc.
  • Double-check your Wi-Fi connection. Last thing we want is for you broadcast to drop because of connectivity issues.
  • Find a location with good lightening, sound and minimal background noise.
  • Keep broadcasts between 2-20min
  • Write an eye-catching description (headline). Make sure it’s compelling so people will tune in.
  • Most importantly…. ENGAGE!!! Answer question, acknowledge when someone joins your broadcast and ask for feedback

Want to Learn More about Social Media Marketing?

We have an excellent half day intensive workshop that will give you the foundations of how to run your own Social Media Campaigns or become a social media professional as a career.


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