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How to Sync Your Mac With Your iPhone or iPad

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syncing your mac and iphone
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Syncing Your Mac And iPhone Or iPad

Did you know that syncing is also a form of backup? You may not have given this much thought but syncing allows you to transfer all the media you’ve purchased on your iPad or iPhone to the iTunes library on your Mac for safekeeping and vice versa. Syncing your mac and iPhone will also create an updated backup of the selected device every time you sync. This is also an important practice when you choose not to sync with iCloud.

syncing your mac and iphone

Your Mac will also store other important data such as your photos, calendars and contacts. It’ll also serve as a means to restore your phone when circumstances require you to do so. If you are syncing your mac and iphone for the first time, here are some of the tips you should keep in mind:

Following Artists and Downloading Their Songs with iTunes

syncing your mac and iphone

The process of downloading songs with iTunes is pretty simple so let’s jump right in! First, open your iTunes client and click the iTunes Store button. By clicking that button, you will be brought to the main page of the iTunes store. Go ahead and search for the album you want. When iTunes has completed its search, it will bring up a page that shows all the albums, songs, and artists that are related to your search.

At this point, you can click the artists’ name on the left, and you will be redirected to their home page. From there, their latest songs (not albums) will be featured in a list which allows you to preview them before making the final purchase. The preview typically lasts 30 seconds or less but it is more than enough for you to decide.

syncing your mac and iphone

If that sounds like what you want, you can buy it by clicking the “$0.99 BUY” button on the right (do note that the prices of each song differs). iTunes will then prompt you for your Apple ID login credentials if you are purchasing through the program for the first time.

After successfully logging in, iTunes will display a short message at the top of the page that the song is purchasing and downloading (you can track its progress by clicking the Downloads button in the store tab). When the song is downloaded, it will automatically be in your library!

Creating and Syncing Music/Video Playlists

syncing your mac and iphone

First, choose File > New > Playlist and give it a suitable name. Next, drag all the items you want grouped under it (the playlist should be on left side of your iTunes window). Click Done when you’re finished. When you’ve decided that you want to sync a playlist or two of your favorite songs and videos, open the iTunes program and plug in your device as usual.

Once it’s properly connected to iTunes, select the device icon and make sure you are in the summary page first. In this page, you must check to ensure that the following “Manually manage music and videos“, “Sync only checked songs and videos” and “Sync with this iPhone/iPad over Wi-Fi” options are checked. The latter two are not compulsory but this is something you can choose as well. When these options are checked, remember to press Sync or Apply before proceeding to the next step.

syncing your mac and iphone

Now, return to your music playlists by clicking the Music icon which is in the same row as your Device icon – this applies to iTunes 12 and above. Now scroll down on the left panel and check that all the songs and videos are in their respective playlists. Once confirmed, drag the playlists to the top and into your iPhone/iPad tab. When the data is transferred (the progress is reflected at the top), click your device’s icon again and then press Sync.

This is very useful video to watch how syncing music playlists

Syncing Your Mac and iPhone – Podcasts

syncing your mac and iphone

There might be some radio show podcasts that you want to take it with you and enjoy on the go, and iTunes on your Mac makes it possible! Podcasts are awesome as they are highly informational and suits individuals who like to get their content on-demand and free and there’s nothing better than that. With that said, open your iTunes on the Mac, plug in your iPhone and select iTunes > Preferences. Under the Store menu, ensure that “Automatically check for available downloads” is checked before clicking “Ok“.

syncing your mac and iphone

Now return to iTunes Store and type the name of the podcast in the search bar. When the search is completed, the podcast you want will be shown and you can subscribe to it immediately. After subscribing, you will find that podcast under the Podcasts sub-directory. Expand that particular podcast and click “Get All” if you want to listen to all the episodes. When all the episodes are downloaded, select your iPhone and click Podcasts. In this section, you can pick specific podcast shows to sync to your phone but we would recommend that you select “All podcasts” as it is much easier to do so. When the options are selected, finish by pressing the “Sync” button.

Syncing Your Mac and iPhone – Photos

syncing your mac and iphone

First, arrange and prepare a folder of all the photos you plan to sync with your iPad or iPhone. When you are done, proceed to open your iTunes. Next, ensure that your iPhone or iPad is plugged into your Mac or connected via Bluetooth. If it is done correctly, the device’s icon will appear in iTunes. Also, there will be a battery or eject icon to the right as well. Now select the device that will be receiving the data, and select the Photos tab (it is in the same line as the Summary, Info, Apps and Music tabs in the center to the top).

syncing your mac and iphone

This Photos tab allows you to sync your photos from various different sources on your Mac, and from the checked “Sync Photos from” option, click the drop down button and choose any folder(s) or file(s) that you want it synced with your iPad. After you’ve made your selections, simply click the Apply button on the bottom right and wait. The process should only take a few seconds and you will be done in no time.

As you can see, syncing your mac and iPhone and other iOS devices is easy and simple. The best part is that you are able to select what you want to be synced, and you won’t have to worry that your iPhone or iPad runs out of space too quickly!

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