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Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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1- ClickUp:

Click-up Screenshot

ClickUp is a project management application that is focused on removing frustrations, inefficiencies, and disconnects caused by current project management solutions. They achieve this core focus by enabling integrations within their application to easily import and sync so you can manage your projects in one place without having to switch between multiple tools and thereby resulting in a much more organized workflow and a considerable amount of time saved.


ClickUp is a robust project management tool in the sense that it allows for unlimited users and tasks, but varies with regards to file storage (this limit is for attachments only), depending on the pricing plan you choose – which are quite affordable, too.


The ClickUp structure consists of a 5-level, top-down hierarchy that aids in effective project management. The structure is as follows:

At the top of the hierarchy, is the Workspace, which is your company or organization. Below the Workspace, is the Space, which can be your company/organization departments, clients, and projects. Coming after the Space is your Folder, where you can create groups and manage lists. After Folders, you have Lists, where you can manage tasks and subtasks. The last level of the hierarchy is the Tasks & Subtasks level, which aids in creating and completing tasks and subtasks.

2- Rewind:


Since it’s so easy to accidentally delete or corrupt SaaS application data, this tool is favoured by companies and organizations that are concerned about the risk of losing their critical data. Rewind is a backup and recovery solution that every business needs. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every miniscule detail about your business is captured and can be retrieved at any time, with just a click of a button, should a catastrophe strike.


A staggering amount of companies, specifically e-commerce stores, recommend having Rewind and cite the following reasons for endorsing Rewind: the proliferation of hackers and human error, just to name a few.

Rewind has a dynamic pricing plan that is determined by how much traffic your business gets, such as orders per month on e-commerce stores.


To get started, create your Rewind account, and then link it to the account that you want to back up. Once linked, your first of many backups begin and your linked account is encrypted and securely stored in the Rewind vault.

Sign up for Rewind here.

3- Sprig:


Sprig helps user researchers, product managers, and designers uncover customer insights in real-time so they can make more informed product decisions. Sprig takes you on a customer journey to help you better understand your customers so that you can render services that are specific to your customers’ needs, while in turn building high-standard products. Ask the right questions, to the right people, and get accurate, in-depth user insights in real-time.


Product teams have learned from their customers at the speed of modern product development since Sprig delivers on three key pillars of product research: video interviews, concept testing, and microsurveys.

The best part? Sprig caters to teams of 10 to 10 000, while providing a seamless customer journey experience.


User Research, when implemented correctly, can be a game-changer for your product team and provide useful insights that are grounded in qualitative feedback from your customers.

Sign up for Sprig here.

4- Sprout Social:


As a social media management platform, Sprout Social helps businesses organize their content calendar and assets in one place. This allows you to publish and schedule your content across multiple platforms, all timed to perfection based on when your followers are most active. Social listening and social data have never been more prevalent, hence you need a tool that can help you take that data and put it into perspective, and that’s where Sprout Social comes in to save the day!


Modern-day consumers require more – more authenticity, more accountability, and more connection. Sprout Social is the solution you need to harness the power of social media to connect with consumers at scale.

The Chicago Bulls and thousands of happy Sprout Social users utilize the platform to transform their businesses. Sign up for Sprout Social here.


With Sprout Social, you get to see the in-depth analysis of all your social media posts on all your social media accounts, pull reports (and even put your own branding on them) and send them to your partners or team members so you can understand where everything is working, and where everything isn’t working.

Sprout Social also has a useful capability called Viral Sprout Cue. The cue analyzes your social media profiles, and posts your content at the most opportune time possible.

All you have to do is cue in your content on your content calendar.

5- Contentdrips:


Contentdrips is a content creation tool for entrepreneurs. It helps grow your personal brand by posting everyday quote photos, animated text videos & carousel posts effortlessly. It is easy to use and offers great functionality for your content needs.


Consistent micro-content fuels the algorithm of almost all social media platforms. Posting your micro-content daily on every social media platform will eventually increase your organic reach and engagement rate.

Contentdrips has two pricing plans: Starter Plan and the Pro Plan. Both pricing plans are affordable, and you can choose either, depending on your personal branding needs. Also, note that the free plan has limited features and the content that is created on it will come with a watermark.


This tool has an overall great user experience and has proven to be effective in making your personal brand more appealing and professional.

Sign up for Contentdrips here.

6- Answer Socrates:


You have the answers, they have the questions. This tool is quite useful when creating content such as blog posts and general written content for your readers. Answer Socrates generates hundreds of questions in a variety of languages for nearly any topic. These questions may be used to create authoritative, detailed content, discuss product ideas, and learn what genuine Google users are looking for.


Answer Socrates is a neat, fast, and clutter-free tool that is extremely helpful for coming up with content ideas and the cherry on top is that it’s FREE, forever.


This tool is pretty straight-forward as it has an amazing user experience and doesn’t confuse the user when coming to what to do next.

Find out what people are asking, and serve those answers on a silver platter!

To get started, click here.

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