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February Roundup – 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creatives & Savvy Users [ISSUE #2]

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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For our February list, these featured productivity hacks all pack a powerful punch and can deliver a variety of solutions for startup entrepreneurs, designers, and creative professionals. Here’s what’s on our radar for tools for startups this month:

Tools For Startups – Shift

If I were to ask the question “How many Gmail accounts do you have to access?” – I bet that many of you will answer more than one.

Especially for those who are working in the digital marketing niche, there are many instances that you have to access different Gmail accounts when doing outreach for your different clients’ sites.

Even if you just have two Gmail accounts, one for work purposes while the other for personal purposes, it can be really frustrating trying to log in and out of different Gmail accounts when you want to look at your Drive, Mail or Calendar. This is one of the tools for startups that will increase efficiency and productivity.

Official site: tryshift.com

Tools for startups

With Shift, you can benefit from a smart email client interface that allows you to shuffle between different Gmail accounts like a rocker, helping you to declutter your desktop and manage the operations effectively without having to toggle endlessly between the different accounts. You will also get the native desktop notifications, so you don’t have to miss out on any important happenings.

Currently, the free version of Shift allows you to add up to two Gmail accounts. Anything more than two accounts – you would have to get their Pro version, which costs $19.99 per year. Still sound like a great deal for this tech tool, doesn’t it?

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Tools For Startups – App Screenshot Builder

If you are an app developer, here’s one tech tool that you won’t regret knowing. The App Screenshot Builder is one of the best tools for startups that lets you create awesome images in the exact resolutions that are required by Apple App Store and Google Play.

Now, as an iPhone or Android user, I am sure you will browse the screenshots provided by certain apps before you decide to download the apps. That’s why these screenshots are so important because they help to market your app in a visually impactful way.

With App Screenshot Builder, the process of creating these screenshots is fun and hassle-free, while ensuring helping you meet the requirements set by either the App Store or Google Play for uploading the screenshots. Give it a try today!

Official site: launchkit.io/screenshots

Tools for startups

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Tools For Startups – Instant Logo Search

If you are a designer, you will certainly know the pains of searching for vectors. At Instant Logo Search, you can find thousands of logos all in one place, and the best thing is the search bar on this website is lightning fast!

Instant Logo Search also benefits from a clean and simple design interface, letting users focus on what they are here to do, that is to search for logos.

When you have searched for a particular logo that you need, you can download it as a.PNG or a vector; or you can also pull logos into a collection and download them as a zip file.

Users can also upload or suggest logos – meaning that Instant Logo Search is simply going to get bigger and better in time to come!

Official site: instantlogosearch.com

Tools for startups

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Tools For Startups – Product Disrupt

For aspiring product designers, won’t you wish that there is a list of resources located all in one place for you to access for your product design work? Now, that wish has become reality at Product Disrupt!

Curated by Darshan Gajara who is a product designer, this portal divides the resources into blogs to read, designers to follow, email lists to subscribe, inspirational websites, and product design tools.

The list of resources is especially helpful for beginners who are just starting out in product design and is simply a well-thought out tech tool collection by Gajara in his contribution to the community.

Official site: productdisrupt.com

Tools for startups

Want to read an external review on Product Disrupt? Check out what the users have to say here.

Tools For Startups – Adioma

When you are working in the SEO and online marketing niche, it suffices to say that you have heard of infographics, which rely on the visual impact to attract readership as well as generate viral shares.

Tools for startups

Creating a powerful set of infographics takes great skills and creativity; but with Adioma, half the battle is already won. This is one of the helpful tech tools for startups beause it lets users create infographics in mere minutes as there are lots of templates to choose from with many customization features to make your infographics unique.

If you are tasked to create infographics as part of your job scope, give Adioma a try today and make your creation process a breeze!

Official site: adioma.com

Tools for startupsWant to read an external review on Adioma? Well, here you go!

Tools For Startups – Tribe 2.0

Already featured in many prestigious publications such as Forbes, VentureBeat, and TechCrunch, Tribe 2.0 is a video messenger that celebrates the beauty of augmented messaging.

With Tribe, you can send 15-second video messages to your social circle like a chat-style conversation, with the difference that your recipient can actually hear and see you.

When you are speaking in the videos, specific keywords will trigger the “magic words” to pop up on the screen with links to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Amazon, providing more information about what you were talking about.

Group chats on Tribe 2.0 are even more fun, and you have to personally experience Tribe firsthand to know the awesomeness that we are talking about!

Official site: tribe.pm

Tools for startups

Want to read an external review on Tribe 2.0? Navigate right here.

Tools For Startups – Mattermark

For tech investors, marketers, and sales professionals out there, if I tell you that I can hand you the company data with analytics of more than 800,000 high growth internet companies, would you want it? I do expect a resounding “yes” to my question because such powerful data can be used to effectively guide your own investment portfolio and business growth.

Mattermark, one of the best tools for startups, is the deal intelligence tool that takes public internet data then mines and crunches it to provide target insights to the users. Just like what Bloomberg is to the finance industry, Mattermark is its equivalent to the tech startup industry.

Tools for startups

By building a premier information database about high growth internet companies, users can wield its B2B search analytics tools with unlimited potential. From company profiles to key personnel data to growth signals, there’s so much you can do with Mattermark!

Official site: mattermark.com

Tools for startups

Want to read an external review on Mattermark? Here’s What TechCrunch thinks about it!

Tools For Startups – AYTM

If you need to do any market research, there are a ton of online survey tools that you can use. What makes AYTM a good choice is that is not only helps you develop the sruvey form, it will so help you find the right audience for your questions.

Official site: https://aytm.com/


Tools For Startups – Hop

Are you tired of the old, boring interface that your email platform is using? Get to know Hop, a revolutionary email client that makes your inbox feels like Facebook Messenger.

Since its launch, users have been raving about the unique onboarding flow, and its ability to make emailing look cool again. Hop supports multiple email accounts and can work with Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, AOL, and more.

Certain features of the email system even come with a robotic spoken commentary which is absolutely mind-blowing. For those who want your emails to feel sexy again, try Hop today!

Official site: gethop.com

Tools for startups

Want to read an external review on Hop? Read this page on LifeHacker.

Tools For Startups – Clearbit Connect

Next on our list for tools for startups, clearly an excellent substitute for Rapportive, Clearbit Connect lets you know both company and personal information about your contacts in Gmail. No, that’s not stalking but clever sales lead management and strategizing!

Tools for startups

It’s really easy to get started after you have installed this Chrome extension – first, your search for a company than a specific person, and you will be able to obtain the relevant contact details.

Next, you will also gain access to niche-specific information such as corporate information about the company that person works at, personal online data for this contact, and more.

If you market, sell or recruit over the net, this is simply what the doctor ordered for making smart connections!

Official site: connect.clearbit.com

Tools for startups

Want to read an external review on Clearbit Connect? How about this one?

All in all, even though February is a short month, we didn’t come out short on gathering some of the best tech tools for startups you can use to work smarter, easier, and faster! If you have prior experience in using any of these productivity tools, apps, or websites that are mentioned earlier, do drop us some comments so that your fellow readers can benefit from your provided insights. And if you are feeling kind, please help us share this post with your colleagues and friends. That’s all for this roundup, see you in March, folks!

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