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The Best 10 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

Author: Manuel Rozewski
Manuel is our intern from Germany. He is currently focusing on Digital Marketing and wants to continue working in that area.
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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Chrome Extension for Digital Marketing?

Extensions are little programs that help you improve your experience with the chrome browser or any other browser of your choice. They are written in HTML, CSS or Javascript. Chrome extensions can help you improve your productivity. Some of the extensions can even make your browse the web faster or reduce the usage of your memory.



Our list starts with Gorgias. A great tool to save your email templates. Are you receiving similar questions each day and you are writing every time the same answer. Even better, you look for the old email and copy & paste your previous answers?

With Gorgias, this is over. You can save your templates with a shortcode there. Now each time you respond an email and you have a suitable template, you use your set keyword and hit the TAB button. Taaadaaa! There you go.

Your template just popped up. It is a surprise that it only has around 29,000 users. It could be a million. You can even share your templates with other colleagues at work. This will provide a more efficient workflow at your place. Install 



I would not know what to do if I don’t have this chrome extension. As a non-native speaker, it helps me create easy to read sentences.

It displays my grammar errors or simple spelling mistakes. Nearly everywhere Grammarly will automatically check your writing.

It displays you a recommendation on how to fix and why the grammar is wrong. Install



Do you need a quick screenshot a website or maybe just from a selected area? Did you hit “Print Screen” button and opened paint before? Cropping the picture and save the file?

With Nimbus Screenshot this time-consuming process has an end. With simple clicks, you can have your screenshot saved within seconds.

You can even write down comments and draw similes if you wish. It even offers you a simple record option of your screen. It is a must-have if you browse a lot and need to take pictures. Install

Email Hunter


What a tool! I love it! Email Hunter is able to find an email from anywhere on the web with one simple click. How many times did it happen to you that you just wanted to know the contact email of a website?

Probably it was hard to find or maybe it was not there at all. Email Hunter will give you an email back within seconds. It even tries to verify it and lets you know the confidence level of how likely the email is still working. This chrome extension even works wonders on LinkedIn.

Only Premium Members of Linkedin can send InMail to people outside their network. Email Hunter will easily detect the email and you can contact them easily. Email Hunter is free for up to 150 email requests per month. Install

URL Builder

google analytics url builder

This is a chrome extension to Google Analytics URL Builder which lets you easily set up tracked url’s for your analytics campaign. It automatically reads the current displayed URL from the website that you are visiting.

All you need to enter are the information for the campaign name, the source, and the medium. It will then complete your tracking url that you can spread around. Have fun calculating the efficiency of your marketing activities. Install



Let’s be honest here. As a marketing person, you are likely to sent out quite a few emails each day. It is not easy to keep track of all conversations and you want to make sure that you get answers or reply everyone back.

With the Boomerang chrome extension, you can set alerts at what day and time you want to be notified if you have not received an answer. You can even schedule certain emails that will be automatically sent out even if you are not online.

Last but not least, it provides you with the feature to clean up your inbox and sent back email that you have received before. This will avoid you forgetting answering anybody. Install

SEO Quake


SEO Quake is a great extension for your chrome browser if you want a quick overview of the seo metrics of a website.

It allows you to create a complete audit which includes the keyword density, the amount of internal and external backlinks. You can either get a full report on the whole website or just specific websites. Install

One Tab


Any kind of research on the internet usually ends up with many, many open tabs in your browser. You are looking at the small favicon and the first word to figure out if that is the right tab. You start clicking from tab to tab. That is no fun at all.

One Tab is your solution to this problem. With one click, all your open tabs will converted into a list in one tab. You can easily access the tab again by restoring it. It not only keeps your Chrome browser clean, but also has the neat side benefit of reducing the memory usage. Install

You just killed two birds with one stone. Great!

Page Analytics by Google

Page Analytics by Google

This chrome extension shows you how your visitors interact with your website. Just like in Google Analytics you can set the time period.

You will then see the amount of (unique) pageviews, average time on page, bounce rate, and percentage of exit. Another benefit is that it shows you exactly how many clicks on which link on your website you had.

Use these information to improve your user experience, the website design, and increase your conversions! Install


Get Pocket

You might come across many, many great articles but you just don’t have the time to read them at that moment.

With Save To Packet to can easily save the article and it will automatically save it to your tablet or smartphone. You do not even need an internet connection.

You will never have the problem again of not finding articles again that you are interested in and cannot find anymore. Install

All these tools we selected to help you on this fascinating journey –  How to become a digital marketer.

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