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November Roundup: 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creatives & Savvy Users

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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We are now moving into the holiday season so it is expected that your workload might have spiked up because you are trying to finish your work before you relax during the upcoming holidays. Whether you are a startup entrepreneur, or web developer, or just any creative professional that needs a boost in productivity, we know about tools that you can use for this purpose. This month, let’s take a look at our stellar list of top productivity apps that help you effectively hack your way towards the end of the year:


Don’t have experience writing code but want to start developing backend apps? Then you got to meet Treeline, where you can say goodbye to monolithic code bases and say hello to beautiful Node.js code through Treeline’s very own cloud compiler.

Some of the things you can achieve with this tech gem include encrypting passwords, working with JavaScript code strings, communicate with the Mailgun API, and more.

Whether you are writing a native mobile app, or using single-page apps, or gunning for server-rendered views, you will be thankful for the flexibility and time-saving prowess that Treeline offers for your app development process.

top productivity apps
Official site: treeline.io
It’s on our list of top productivity apps but want to get an external review on Treeline? Check out what TechCrunch is saying about it!


Are you a fan of podcasts and talk radio? One of the key challenges for podcasts is that they tend to be mainly one-directional, more like a one-way conversation.

With Anchor, you can actually record bite-sized podcasts (up to 2 minutes) and then allow others to interact with your podcasts with their own audio recordings. The end result is like an interactive group conversation where anyone can join in.

If you want to make your product podcast more interesting, then Anchor might just be the tool you are looking for and that’s why they’re next on our list of top productivity apps.

top productivity apps
Official site: anchor.fm
Want to read an external review on Anchor? See this article.


Gosh, we wish we have thought of this name! It’s sort of geeky and cool at the same time, don’t you think? Httpster is a curated collection of stylish web designs which web designers can use to find their next best inspiration. This website provides quick previews of cool web designs where you can then click on an individual web design to explore it in its entirely.

As you know, designing websites involves finding that stroke of genius so that every new website you design can stay relevant yet uniquely creative. So, by checking out the good apples in the market, you will know how to grow them right!

top productivity apps
Official site: httpster.net
Want to read an external review on Httpster? Navigate here.


Are you struggling to find a good content idea to fuel your writing? With Serpstat, you will be getting help from the autocomplete suggestion capabilities that Google features and that’s why this is on our list of top productivity apps.

All you have to do is to enter a keyword, and then a list of autocomplete suggestions will appear. What this means is that you will be able to know what people are searching for, and then you can target your content writing to answer certain questions that people are searching about in relevance of the product or service you are representing.

Today, Serpstat is a current tool that you should utilize, especially if we are talking about mobile SEO

We are sure that you know most of the searches done in most major search engines are taking place on mobile devices such as smartphones. By writing content that facilitates the answering of popular questions, you are able to improve the visibility of your website in mobile search results.

top productivity apps
Official site: serpstat.com/keywords/questions/
Want to read an external review on Serpstat? Here’s a review on Daily SEO Blog.

Remotive Jobs

Are you a digital nomad who wants to find your dream job easily while traveling the world? Remotive Jobs delivers a curated collection of remote jobs that you can explore your career opportunities as a remote worker. When you are not checking through the remote job listings, you can also opt to join in the Remotive’s Slack Community, and find out more about remote job openings or the digital nomad lifestyle in the different chat rooms.

With Remotive Jobs, you no longer need to search everywhere on the web for your dream remote job, and simply just focus your attention on the quality remote jobs on offer on their website!

top productivity apps
Official site: jobs.remotive.io
Want to read an external review on Remotive Jobs? Read Point 4 on this page!
You can also check out our own job Web Jobs Bangkok here.


Have you been tasked to create landing pages for your fussy web design client? With Lapa, you can make yourself look good because now you have a horde of landing page design inspirations to help you get started in designing your next landing page.

One great thing about Lapa is that it’s really easy to navigate through the different landing page designs, and you can browse through them by searching for relevant categories. The next time you need to tackle landing page design, simply look at Lapa for your next inspiring eureka moment!

top productivity apps
Official site: lapa.ninja
Want to read an external review on Lapa? There you go!

Standard Resume

Going job hunting but worried that your resume will not make it to the top of the pile of job applications? Well, then you need to try Standard Resume which is absolutely free!

Looking for a Resume Design Tutorial? Click here – learn how to design your very own CV in Adobe Illustrator.

While other tech tools give you plenty of resume samples to inspire you into creating your own, Standard Resume simply helps you to create that perfect resume with that winning formulae – a resume that can be downloaded as a print-ready PDF, and can be viewed beautifully on both desktop browsers and mobile browsers. And that’s one of the reasons this tool is on our top productivity apps list.

Many job seekers have used the Standard Resume to create stellar resumes that have won them jobs at big corps such as Google, AT&T, Facebook, and more – so why not join the celebratory bandwagon today?

top productivity apps
Official site: standardresume.co
Want to read an external review on Standard Resume? Listen to what the users have to say.

HTML to WordPress

Perhaps you own a HTML website that has been set up some years back and now you want to convert it into a WordPress site to benefit from easy content management capabilities. However, you do not want to hire a web developer to convert your website from HTML to WordPress as you want to cut costs.

Well, then this HTML to WordPress tool does exactly what its name says! When you use this tool, what you get is a fully automated conversion without you even having any coding skills.

To date, there are more than 21,000 websites converted through this tool. After making the conversion and seeing the live preview of how your new WordPress site will look like, you can complete the transition by paying just $9 per .html page. Just for general knowledge, it can cost thousands to get a web developer to convert your static HTML website to WordPress, so what you paying here will be peanuts in comparison! Top productivity apps as well as highly cost efficient.

top productivity apps
Official site: htmltowordpress.io
Want to read an external review on HTML to WordPress? Follow this Reddit thread.


Now, this tool simply screams “cute” from all points of views. Aside from its name, you will also find its interface pretty chirpy and happy. To be honest, this tool doesn’t do much but for those who hate to navigate back and forth between one window to your browser to another window, Burfi provides a cute solution for you to enhance your productivity.

With Burfi, all you have to do is to type in the URL (burfi.me) and then you will get a note-taking space within your browser. Yes, we know that this tool is not meant to “save the world” but every little bit of productivity hack counts!

top productivity apps
Official site: burfi.me
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If you are working in the creative industry, whether it’s photography or media advertising, don’t you wish there is an easier and quicker way for you to update your portfolio websites and yet showcase your creative works in the best way possible? Next on our list of top productivity apps…

Meet Fabrik – where intelligent design adapts to your content to deliver stunning results.

That means no more time wasted on cropping and resizing your images, fumbling over how to add audio or videos to support your content, and customizing your website like a pro without even knowing how to code. You just have to try it for yourself today with their 14-day free trial to see the wide-ranging capabilities it can do for your portfolio website!

top productivity apps
Official site: fabrik.io
Want to read an external review on Fabrik? Here’s one for you!

Wow, that’s fast – that’s ten tech gems already! We hope you enjoy our November installment of useful tech tools that can help to make the lives easier for startups, creatives, and savvy internet users. Have you used any of the tech tools mentioned in this list?
If you have, feel free to share with us about your experience and help your fellow readers to understand the different tech tools better.

Enjoyed our list of top productivity apps?

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