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Useful tools to Get Great Feedback for your Website and Designs

Author: WC.Bear
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One of the most critical parts in project is to have advice and critiques on improving designs. They are creating designs that can be used by different people. Getting outside view may help in validating and spotting design variables. Due to the ability of web in connecting people all over the word, getting feedback is never been an easy task. But there are websites dedicated in giving free review designs and tools to be used in conducting usability testing with true persons. Given below are useful web design tools that will allow you of sharing your work and receiving the reviews in order to amazing and greet feedback for website and designs:

Useful Web Design Tools – Use the website, “Please Critique Me”

useful web design tools

This is web resource made by OnWired, a web design agency. It gives free critique designs given by one of its critic designs. The member of this panel includes the recognizable name like Grace Smith, Chris Spooner, Sarah Parmenter and many more.

“Critique the Site”

useful web design tools

This is a handy web tool that allows people in getting feedback regarding the design of website. It simply works by just adding left frame near the web page subject where the users may leave a feedback. Reviewers should log in first thru popular service web like Facebook, Twitter, OpenID and Gmail before they can post the review of a site. This is an easy to use tool in sharing the site for gathering and critiquing feedback. it relies on unrestrained social web in talking about the different things. But this tool is limited to a number of people you can access.

Useful Web Design Tools – Bounce

useful web design tools

It is simple application on web that gives the web designers platform to solicit ideas and feedback regarding the website. This is very natural to use. You just need to plug in the URL of website design. It will then generate in screenshots of site where people can have their comments. If you own social network of designer, it will be easy and fun to gather feedback thru the use of web services like Facebook and Twitter.

Useful Web Design Tools for Critiques and Reviews – SitePoint

useful web design tools

SitePoint is a premier company in online media that publishes e-books and articles. It targets developers and designers which has forum intended in getting feedback design from registered users. In forum of Website Reviews, designers may request for feedback on the design of web. It indicates regular availability and large activity of community in helping the fellow designers out thru providing the feedback.

Useful Web Design Tools – Concept Feedback

useful web design tools

It influences crowd for insights design. Every reviewer of the concept will rate your own work in four times. It includes engagement, design, originality and purpose. Reviewers are motivated to provide and participate in giving quality feedback thru game mechanics like attaining different ranks and achievement.

Useful Web Design Tools – Five Seconds Test

useful web design tools

It presents the reviewers a web design and screen capture that they will evaluate within fie seconds. The process of evaluating can be done in click test and memory test. Click test asks the participants to click the most noticeable items found on the page. Memory test, on the other hand shows user the web layout within 5 seconds. After such time they will be asked about the things they remember.  The theory is to identify if the web design is effective to make an important, memorable and visible element design.

Useful Web Design Tools – Usabilla

useful web design tools

This is another platform in conducting the usability testing. It is useful tool to achieve feedback if you have already live site up. You may also use this in analysing the redesign site of the performance. It collects feedback from the visitors thru built-in tool annotation then other features measure task performance. This tool shows the user with on-screen activity. It also records the time it needs to take in completing a task.

Useful Web Design Tools – Usertesting.com

useful web design tools

This site provides a cost effective way in conducting remote trial of the site. You will get feedback regarding the design through a video of the visitor of your site.

Useful Web Design Tools – Userfly

There are times that you do not need to make direct feedback to get meaningful information regarding the failures and success of the designs. Through this, you may analyse how he people used the website. Its free service is recording screencast on how the user interacts with the user interface. It I just a matter of plugging into the web pages.

Useful Web Design Tools – Feedback Army

useful web design tools

This allows you in gathering more focused discussion in the review of your own design. When submitting the request feedback, you can also pose 4-6 questions that you want the reviewers answered it. 

Useful Web Design Tools – Invision App

useful web design tools

It is very easy to use app in sharing service. It has the ability of creating link between the screens.

Useful Web Design Tools – DaPulse.com

useful web design tools

This is an amazing tool used for internal review designs. This is already built for years of experience working on the product design. They come into existence to achieve external integration that can make it to be the most powerful tool for review designs.

Useful Web Design Tools – Mamut

useful web design tools

It works thru integrating feedback in the web applications, website or mobile apps in just a single line of code. This can simply activated by mobile user by shaking the device. Through that a user has the possibility of resizable grid and annotating drawings to communicate development team.

Useful Web Design Tools – Prezi.com

useful web design tools

This tool is used in collaborating and presenting multiple users for real time.

Useful Web Design Tools – Feedbag.io

useful web design tools

This is lightweight and simple. You do not need to register just to enjoy this. That is for not forcing the clients to write feedbacks or sign up just to read.

Useful Web Design Tools – Marqueed.com

useful web design tools

It allows a public and private annotation and discussion of the shared image files that makes it great resource for client feedback and review.

Useful Web Design Tools – PageProofer


useful web design tools

This is a new service for web developers and web designers to manage easily the team and client feedback. Through this, the people can alert people, leave feedback if something needs to be fixed and doing all of this right on the website in just one place.

Feedback can play an important role in improving a certain product like website.

You can use the above tools in order to achieve positive feedback for your website and design.

May it serve as your ground to reach the full potential of your created website.

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