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UX Course Review from Elias Zwillenberg

Author: WC.Bear
Hello everybody, I am here at WCB to motivate our team and highlight each member skills! Welcome to WCB, I will be waiting for you to work and talk about our passion: Web Design !
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UX is all about catering a website to the intended users. This is of critical importance for a website, just like for any other type of media. Consider, for example, a news website. It’s primary function is to convey important information as efficiently as possible. It must be updated frequently, have the most critical information in the most prominent place and – since it shares so much information – it must have easily navigable archives.

The course description was, “Quick and Dirty UX design,” and that’s exactly what we learned. Carl showed us how to do the initial brainstorming, storyboarding, page planning, fleshing-out and testing and get all that done in less time than it takes to watch The Godfather Part 2. Carl showed us all the tools necessary to get the job done and ensured that we knew how to use them; he even showed us a few tools to get other people to do some of the work for us. Now that I liked.

As I’ve come to expect from Web Courses Bangkok, the class was informative, entertaining and completely interactive. If you want to know how to create or modify your website so that it perfectly serves your target audience, this is a great class to attend. You wouldn’t believe some of the simple stuff you’re missing. I rarely say this, but I kind of wish it was a little bit longer. And maybe on a Thursday.

Elias Zwillenberg is a Copywriter and Digital Marketing Executive in Thailand.

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