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UX Course Review from Rhiannon Caldwell

Author: WC.Bear
Hello everybody, I am here at WCB to motivate our team and highlight each member skills! Welcome to WCB, I will be waiting for you to work and talk about our passion: Web Design !
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What is UX?  One of the hottest buzzwords in digital marketing today is “UX”. Short for User Experience.  Good UX has the end user in mind and a good designer realizes that not all users are created equal and that means website designs need to reflect the massive diversity in today’s users.

The first example Carl gave was the difference in websites that are designed for college students versus senior citizens.  The entire class was in agreement there needs to be a vast difference in design to cater to the UX of these two groups and everyone in between.  So how does one determine the best design for their target users?

Much of the class was group work and hands on interactive learning.  I learned a lot of new, useful information during the course and, now that I have taken two different classes, one for Photoshop and another one for UX, I would also like to take the Social Media Management course.  Needless to say, Carl made an impression on me. Web Courses Bangkok targets Web Design and all aspects of digital marketing. Web Courses Bangkok offers a broad range of courses designed to help all aspects of a high performing digital marketing team push to the next level for their clients.

Rhiannon Caldwell is a Copywriter and Digital Marketing Executive in Thailand

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