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UX Course Review from Matias Berra

Author: WC.Bear
Hello everybody, I am here at WCB to motivate our team and highlight each member skills! Welcome to WCB, I will be waiting for you to work and talk about our passion: Web Design !
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Whether UX or web-design, it’s WCB’s quality teaching that keeps bringing me back to the classroom.  It was yet another great lesson at Web Courses Bangkok. Throughout the years I find myself coming back time and time again into Carl’s classroom, though this particular time I was learning about User Experience, or UX, it’s the quality of the knowledge and engaging classes that keep me coming back. I won’t bore you with more details about UX given my colleagues have done such a great job explaining what it is (and yes, you should learn more about it if you ever want to consider yourself a good web-designer) instead, let me explain the importance of learning new things in our modern digital era.

It is almost surreal to go back a year ago when I first took some classes at Web Courses Bangkok.  After a short experience in the tourism industry I decided it was the perfect time to start gaining some knowledge in the digital world. Within 14 months, 3 web-design courses (Basic, intermediate and e-commerce) and a 6 month internship after first approaching Web Courses Bangkok, I was officially qualified as a professional online marketer!

Things haven’t quite been the same after that. Not only do I have a full time job and a work permit helping me stay legal in Thailand, I actually have to actively turn down people who want to hire me. My personal website has already brought in enough business to cover all of its set up costs, and do keep in mind I haven’t even finished it!

So yeah, I have a lot to thank Web Courses Bangkok for! The fact that I still get to go back there once in a while to gain some newer insights is just another great plus of working in an industry where learning and improving yourself are basic requirements. I know soon enough I will find myself back in that classroom, and I’m incredibly excited about that.

Matias works in Web Design and SEO at Voova Digital and Webmaster at il-mato.biz

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