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We Never Expected 1-2-1 to be Number 1

Author: WC.Bear
Hello everybody, I am here at WCB to motivate our team and highlight each member skills! Welcome to WCB, I will be waiting for you to work and talk about our passion: Web Design !
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This is the first of many of the teacher articles we hope to submit and I’ve been asked to be first. So here it is; an article about one of the most surprising things of teaching here at Web Courses.

one-on-one class

Teacher Profile: Carl Heaton

Carl is the founder of Web Courses Bangkok and has been web designing for 17 years and teaching for 14 years. He started teaching Photoshop when he was 18 in the UK and has been lucky enough to teach thousands of people from all around the world including companies like the United Nations, Embassies and at some of the top Universities in Thailand.He enjoyes teaching, web, user experience design and online marketing but is also often found teaching Excel, Powerpoint and MS Word thanks to his previous 4 years as an IT teacher.

We never knew that most people preferred to learn 1-2-1. 

Why is this important to you? Because it shows you how you can solve issues by spending a little more time with an expert than rummaging around finding the answer on your own.

Lets take a very nice student, called Kai, who had found us through Google and wanted to learn how to build a quick website so that as he transitioned from the corporate to consulting world he would have a nice home for people to check out when he exchanged business cards.

He had tried to accomplish this himself, but time and time again the tutorial or video missed a fundamental step, making it impossible for him to get the results he wanted.

This is where the private lessons shine as I can sit and chat with the student to find out what they want and decide what they need to learn from there. This is why they are our number 1 type of course.

web design class

So we sketched out a sitemap, did some quick wireframes for each of the key pages and we started building his consultancy site (I’d love to show you but he prefers not to be picked up by search engines at this time and a link from this article would set that in motion)

The point is: when you need to start learning a new, technical skill my advice is seek some time with an experienced expert first. The internet is a wonderful place, but you need personal experience to point you in the right direction.

Best of luck!

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