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What Our Clients Think We Do and What We Actually Do as Web Designers?

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Web design projects can be sometimes a lot different from time to time. Handling can be different as there are projects that run smoother than others. Here’s how we blew off the challenge.

Web design projects can be sometimes a lot different from time to time. Handling can be different as there are projects that run smoother than others. Here’s how we blew off the challenge.

“The whole web design needs little changes before it can be launched…”

I came to ask a web designer to work with my website and gave him all the things that I think my web would need to finish smoothly.

But then, when I came to see the whole thing, I rather change some things on it.

I just don’t like some of the details and I must say, they somewhat lack in the information I gave or overdesigned the whole web thing.

I’m sure I have not foreseen that some details must not have been included to make it look more appealing or so. But what can I do, I just have to ask for some minor changes for it to work better.

But what clients don’t know is that every web design project must stick to the contract as is. But of course, we can negotiate about some minor changes of that’s what it takes to restrain our clients.


 4 Friendly Ways How We Deal With Our Clients

We actually believe that there is no such thing as “one small final change” but at least we do know how to be aware of the terms in the contract.

We deal with this kind of problem by educating you before we come to terms and sign in the contract. Learning how to educate our clients is a certain way to a smooth and quick web design project. There are four simple things that we include with our education process and these are the following:


  1. We are creative professionals and obviously not a laborer. We know the web way better than you do so there is just one word for it, fulfillment. We do believe that it is your duty to provide the details on how we will be able to work with your web and the things that we should not do even if we are aware of what to do and what more to enhance.
  2. Communication is crucial. Feedback is encouraged but impositions are definitely not. It would be a great factor if you will keep in touch for updates so that the project will run the way it should just be. You may also share feedback that can help us even more with future projects.
  3. The web is a different medium than print and there is no such thing as minor changes in the last minute. You should comply with the terms agreed upon as much as we do.
  4. We set reasonable deadlines as agreed upon and follow the terms clearly stated in the contract. As professionals, we should be keen about that.

It is one of the main challenges for businesses to be able to successfully manage a client. Educating clients has always been the wisest way to deal with good working relationships. Building rapport with our client is what we do for more harmonious working relationships.


We learned from this website that

“web designing, being an integral part of the service industry, follows the same rules. Standing up to your clients or boss is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, but it is something you should be doing regularly in order to turn the wed designing process into a pleasant experience for yourself and your client.”

You can even make a visit to our site and check out for our portfolio for more up-close details about how we do our web designs. Experience may not be important but a good portfolio is.

We understand that clients want it all even more than what we can offer. That is why, we need to set the rules first before we jump right in.

It isn’t easy to walk the fine line and produce quality delivery and managing a client can be hard at times. We would agree that the overall web design goal is to create and composed beautifully designed web and give a usable product. Though an eager client only expects fro perfect-looking product which they want yesterday. Web designing is a tough job after all.


More often, web designs are rushed and by putting everything that is necessary, someone, as always, has to be sad about it in the end. So what we do is that, after hearing everything that a client demands, we manage it with a smile and try to do the work smoothly as we can.

It is important to manage expectations always. You think it’s important for your sanity? Sure it is! We don’t want to disappoint as much as we don’t want produce a sub-standard product just because of assumptions or poor communication. Not only we are responsible for creating a great web design but we are also responsible for educating the client on the WHYs and HOWs. We always have to walk our client with the whole process to make it work efficiently.

We found an article about managing expectations the steps are clearly defined. To help us manage expectations and create a stable environment, it is important to agree on the goal and milestones, plan the approach, constant communication, updates and reports, and over deliver.

There is no doubt that there is a real art to get excellent results from a web designer. We are bound to stick with the following tips to help us make the results we want.

  • Try not to rush the process
  • Insist on seeing work on progress
  • If in doubt, test
  • Don’t ask for multiple designs
  • Don’t show a design around without explanation
  • Make sure you share similar ideas about business objectives
  • Make sure the target audience is clearly defined
  • Don’t overwork the design
  • Work as an ongoing partnership
  • Focus on solutions not problems, so keep positive and everything can be fixed.

These are the useful tips that we try to follow to achieve what we intend to offer our client and manage their expectations about our work. We do hope that what you think on what we’re doing might be cleared now that it is not that easy to work without a good working relationship with our clients.

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