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Nailed it / Failed it – Coffee Websites

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Nailed it / Failed it is a new periodical blog of website reviews that’s being created at WCB. Not only will these blog posts bring you the latest in innovative and creative design but it will also show you some examples of what not to do. First topic Coffee websites.

Nailed it Failed it Logo

Fueling ambition with caffeine can be a risky move.

Coffee, a quest for caffeine junkies that are craving their next fix of roasted beans.  Quick quack that speedy feeling is whack, the need for speed and the fuel for greed.  Some of today’s designs have hit the mark; some are so far from it one could say they are on a different playing field.  A slumber snapped out of being, by a warm rich aroma of Arabica. Below you will find 8 stunning and well thought out web site from the Coffee world.  You will also be presented with 2 that are terrible.

Note: as is known websites are constantly changing an evolving, therefor I have displayed screen shots of each site. The screen shots are also live links to each specific site. But as you may find as time passes the sites will change, this is a significant point, as this blog post is being written, the Christmas shopping spree is on; promotions and special offers; many site will be slightly different or completely revamped in the new year.


Nailed it!

8 from the great, these next sites have dynamic, contemporary and cleanly delivered designs.  The sites have clear and distinct navigation and are laid out in a tasteful manner; the color schemes work out nicely and the site all bare a distinct call to action.


This site stirred up a nice compilation to skill design and creativity. They have made the black background work because they have a nice clean white logo, and they use the same font style thoughout.
Zoka Coffee


Simple, luxurious and tasteful; Verve coffee has a distinct look and a retro feel. Its logos and site design go hand in hand and add to the almost nostalgic mystique to the end users curiosity about the products on offer.
Verve Coffee


Clean site to the point, no clutter. The menu design is worth a detour.
Serious Coffee


A successful collage and a wonderful color selection, this site really stands out amongst its competitors. Its unified theme runs steady though the whole site.
Peace Coffee


Fantastic arrangements with the color on this slider give it great appeal. Straight to the point this site is compact and well put together.
Kicking Horse Coffee


Following the flow of the 2012 minimalist cubism that is gaining mass popularity; this web site hits all the design essential for the year. Large Crisp fonts and a well-developed stick menu bar the site has some great design work behind it.
Intelligentsia Coffee


Campos Coffee has a simple yet beautiful online shop. It’s well laid out and easy to navigate.
Campos Coffee


Great design with a rustic look, suited fonts, clean logos and image conception. This site is refined and remains up to design standards regardless it’s coming out of 2010.
Altera Coffee




Failed it!

2 to too the loo. These site, are in my option a joke without a punch line. Poorly designed and executed with a clear disregard for the end user.


Color scheme is not researched; the site looks like a collation of 90’s add banners. Personally I consider this as a wasted domain name.
Coffee fail


Selling some of the world’s most expensive coffee Catass has fail to create a web site up to its products standards, the site looks unfinished, the lines don’t flow. The use of far too many different fonts gives it a feel of a geocities first web site attempt by a 9 year old. The general layout is poor, I feel this site could be a lot better.
Cats Ass Coffee

Feel free to add in any additional insight or controversies you may have in the comments.

Whats next?

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