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Take your first step into the world of digital marketing. Learn about popular topics such as digital and social media strategy, content marketing, SEO, and blogs.
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For sure you will have the skills to build a marketing strategy from scratch and know if this is a path you want to pursue as a new career.


Decide which digital marketing channels make sense for your business

We explore the most popular digital marketing channels -- Google search, social media, blogs, websites, email, online ads -- and get a feel for what each one does and how it can fit into your marketing strategy .


Look at digital and social media marketing metrics with confidence

We take a look at some important metrics such as website traffic, bounce rate, clicks, click-through rate, conversion rate, ad reach, audience engagement and learn what they mean so you can confidently analyze your own marketing campaigns and business performance to see what’s working


Get the best practices for writing creative content for digital marketing channels

We look at top tips on how to write effective and creative content for different marketing channels from search ads to blog posts to website content so you feel prepared and positive to take your own marketing content to the next level

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Meet Storm, our friendly digital marketing instructor, all the way from South Africa.

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In this course, you will explore the most popular digital marketing channels — Google search, social media, blogs, websites, email, online ads — and decide which digital marketing channels make sense for your business. You will also learn how to write creative and effective marketing content so you can make your blog, website or advertising work more efficiently to meet your goals.

This course is in-person and we have both online available also. The in-person classes are run here in Bangkok and through our training partners around the world. The online courses are run through Zoom and various tools to build a truly immersive and practical experience.

Short answer is yes, the longer answer is that we need at least 3 people to create a open a course. If you have some friends to join we can help create a custom schedule.

We do hope to open weekend courses in the future so please sign-up to the newsletter or join us on Facebook for regular updates.

Yes you will receive a certificate of completion. Certificates do not help you win projects or jobs directly but they are a trust signal to show you have invested in your skills and career.

Yes, our courses are aimed at beginners. We have all been there and know how hard it can be to get started. That is why our friendly experts will guide you every step of the way from knowing what the subject is all about to applying your skills in a meaningful way in practice.

We have iMac’s with all the latest updates and software ready for you at the school. But if you prefer to bring your own laptop you are more than welcome to.

To begin with we recommend doing some research around the area using the following “best Digital Marketing campaigns 2021” and have a look at what the pro’s are doing. This will give you an idea of what to aim for. Then we recommend going to read our blog and joining our Facebook page as we share lots of useful links on a regular basis.

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