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How to create an easy and funny sticky-Post it!

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Laura from Web Courses Bangkok is here again this week to show you how to create a very easy Sticky-Post it. You can use on your website, or on your graphics.

Those of you who have never used a post-it in his life…raise up your hand! In this very easy tutorial I will show you how to create a digital sticky note. You can use it everywhere: on you website, on your graphics. So cute!

This is what we’re going to do:

Here is how to make it:

1. Open a new file on Photoshop 400 x 400 px, 72 dpi.

2. Create a new layer in the layers window and named it “Post-it”.

3. Choose the Yellow color from the Swatches window, then select the Rectangle Tool from the tool bar on your left-hand side and drow a rectangle in the Post-it layer.

4. Now click on Edit in the menu bar, then Transform Path > Warp. A grid appears on your shape. Click any one of the black circle and on the squares on the corners, and deform your shape as I’ve done.

5. Right-click on the layer “Post-it” and Duplicate it. Double click on the layer Thumbnail and choose black color.

6. Drag the copied layer below the original Post-it layer, and press Ctrl+T or go to menu Edit > Free Transform to transform this layer. Hold down Ctrl and click and drag the top-left control point right under the Post-it margin. Drag the others control points as shown and click Enter:

7. Reduce the opacity of the copy layer to 40%. Select the Gaussian Blur filter from the Filter menu and set 2,7 pixel Radius.

8. Right-click on the Post-it layer and select Blending Options. Apply the Gradient overlay with the following settings:

  • Opacity: 100% – Normal
  • Gradient: from #f4db42 in location 0% to #ffec69 in location 100%;
  • Style: Linear (Align with Layer – checked)
  • Angle: 72º
  • Scale: 100%

9. The Post-it is done! Now, if you want to add a note, just select the Text Tool and type the text you want. And if you want to make it more realistic, add any background picture.

Weel done!

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