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15 Things Every Web Design Course Should Have

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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What every web design course must have? What you should look for in a web design course? When you’re looking for the right workshop or web design course at least the basics must be covered. You’ll want to look for one that gives you extras as well.

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Any course that is going to be helpful must include a user friendly design. The interface should be clean and neat. It should not be too graphically heavy. The course should be simple in layout and easy for any student to understand. If someone is taking a web design course, they may not be familair with navigating folders and subfolders. Showcase Web Courses Bangkok   The design should be effective without being intimidating.

Qualified teachers

Courses should be taught by qualified individuals in the field of web design. Real world experience is important when teaching others. It’s not enough to have knowledge in the area. A teacher may need to guide a student through troubleshooting and workarounds. These skills only come with time and trial. You also want teachers who are caring, friendly and know how to make your class fun! Qualified techer in WCB

 Learning Model

What is the learning theory of the web course? Does it take into account the four cycles of learning: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation? Concrete experience is gained when you receive the knowledge, whether through live instruction or video sessions. Reflection allows you to process it. Worksheets are an opportunity for learning reflection. Conceptualization is when you really begin to understand what you’re being taught. Active experimentation allows you to practice what you’ve learned. Learning workshops give students the active experimentation needed. The course should also be able to reach out to all of the learning styles. If a learning type is not taught to, the student gains no benefit. Make sure all three are addressed: auditory, kinesthetic and visual. Auditory learners will want to hear instruction. Kinesthetic learners need hands-on learning activities. Visual learners will benefit most from seeing instruction through videos.

Units of instruction

Students don’t want to be overdosed with large learning loads. This can be overwhelming. portion control Small units of information are less scary and therefore more easily grasped. Presentation, practice, production (PPP) given in small sections of instruction is a model to find in your web design course.

Include hand-outs

You want a course that encourages student participation. Worksheet hand-outs are still an effective tool for students to apply knowledge and to demonstrate their understanding. WCB hang out worksheets They also apply the reflective observation cycle of learning. Passive learning is boring learning.

Coding practice

Another necessity to look for is how to code. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are two scripting languages every web designer needs to speak. web design course PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is also important. These scripts form the basis of the websites you visit today. You need a course that lets you make a practice webpage using code.

Learn the tools

A course in web design should teach you how to use web design tools like Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop. It should also show you how to utilize templates in your website. Templates are a readily available tool that help you create a professional look. web design course


Make sure you’re learning about screencasts. Screencasting is used to present information in a visually appealing way. Shooting a sample screencast using common equipment should be a part of your coursework. web design course

Content creation

What will you put on your new website? You need to learn the best ways to represent your company, your brand or yourself. web design course See that the course is teaching you what web content is and how to create it.

Video tutorials

Having a visual can make a tutorial easier to understand. Find a course that will help you learn in a friendly and dynamic way.

Live Projects

Practice makes perfect! Look for a web design course that offers open workshops. This gives you a chance to put all those skills you just learned to the test. Practicums also show you the areas that you may need to go back and study a bit more. Live projects put into motion the active experimentation learning cycle.

Web Design Course Should Have Small class sizes

web design course The smaller a class is, the more personal instruction a student gets. This leads to better learning and a more successful future.

Audio sessions

Sessions on audio are a wonderful way to review what you’re learning. Maybe you missed part of the presentation or didn’t quite understand it. You can go back as often as you need with a recording.


Find a course that includes podcasts. Pods with tips and tricks are useful ways to get that edge you’re looking for. They can usually be downloaded so you can keep learning while you’re living.

Effective online marketing

People won’t find your website just because it’s out there. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one tool you’ll want to look for. You need to learn and use the best tips for marketing your website online. Effective online marketing strategy A great workshop or web design course will not only include the basics but will offer extra material to supplement them. This will bring the student’s learning experience to a higher level. When you’re ready to choose your web design course, make sure you pick one that offers both the basics of web design and the bonus tools to make you successful!

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